The D.I.Y Thread

Let’s see your DIY spots. Got really into this over the last 2 years since moving home. Unfortunately our spot has impending doom on it. But we are working a way round this … fingers crossed.

The National Skate Co came and visited a few weeks ago.

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How do you embed videos on here?

Just paste URL and hit reply @anonymity


Here’s some footage from the demolish Leeds DIY

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keep us updated if you avoid getting shut down, need that forum meetup!

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Will do mate, sounds like the site is being secured this week. Might go down tonight and have a looksie.

DIY backyard ramp. Somewhere in the South East

Nice one! That was a fun day and I’m stoked you made that rad edit. Our new DIY is still going strong after nearly 2 years.

A little Leeds update for you too- we’ve just gotten permission to build diy in the outside space at the former works indoor, now ‘LS TEN’ skatepark. The dudes trust me and the lads to whip up anything we feel necessary, I’m super stoked to start work. We’re gonna have to fundraise the money but I feel witb the right support it’ll be easy considering the amount we’ve done without any support anyway.

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Building more outside.

where abouts is this neddy?

Hit me up in DMs

Anyone got advice on concrete for ledges or curbs? Most of the online videos are US. What type of concrete powder do we use?

3:1 sand to cement. Just normal cement, no pre made shit etc. Can use sharp sand for finishing and building sand for bricklaying. Probably be stronger to bricklay the main body of the ledge and get the shape, then cement the edge/angle iron/ coping etc onto the top with a solid concrete slab for smoothness on top a good 5 inches thick at least!

Do your mix and let it sweat on the floor/bucket for a couple hours, then it’ll be malleable enough to work it properly without sagging. Just keep working it for a couple hours til it looks like it ain’t moving or warping! Do a tennis ball sized blob of PVA glue in there too.

If you’re making it without coping too, or making/casting your own curbsstones it’s good to get some concrete hardener too or granite chips or something strong to bulk it out! And using a wobble board or something to shake and vibrate it for a bit to get all the air bubbles out will make it stronger. Or put it on top of your washing machine or something!

Okay so I was first thinking of trying to make some American style parking blocks. My thoughts were to build a wooden mould, stick in a metal bar for support, pour in concrete etc

What mix of concrete is best for that then? Ideally I’d like it to be that’s kind of smooth concrete that the best curbs are made of

Sorry for the questions, I’m retarded when it comes to this stuff

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Sick! I’m gonna make some slabs this week I think too. My mate Roz made a sick American curb mold like the one you’re on about. Yeah a 3:1 mix still and get some granite chips or something super strong in there, small bit of gravel to make it stronger and def try invest in some hardener or something if you can. I’ve heard mixed things about rebar in curbs and stuff. I’ve heard that it’s stronger to leave it out because the vibrations in the metal cause the cracks :man_shrugging:t4: You will definitely want to give it an hour or two on a vibrating board, you can just put it on some wood and bricks and bash the wood with a hammer if you need to, and also once your concrete is dry to the touch you can delay the hardening process by submerging it in water for a week or so. The longer it takes so set, the harder the Crete!

Def post some updates it sounds rad as fuck!

Lol this is already far more complicated than I expected. I also have utterly insane plans for a mobile ledge that I’ll let y’all know about. Genuinely been up half the night thinking through some nuttiness

Mobile ledge you say?


I’ve built a few in the past but the head scratcher is always around getting the weight right. Marble portable ledge though jesus