The D.I.Y Thread

Let’s see your DIY spots. Got really into this over the last 2 years since moving home. Unfortunately our spot has impending doom on it. But we are working a way round this … fingers crossed.

The National Skate Co came and visited a few weeks ago.

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How do you embed videos on here?

Just paste URL and hit reply @anonymity


Here’s some footage from the demolish Leeds DIY

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keep us updated if you avoid getting shut down, need that forum meetup!

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Will do mate, sounds like the site is being secured this week. Might go down tonight and have a looksie.

DIY backyard ramp. Somewhere in the South East

Nice one! That was a fun day and I’m stoked you made that rad edit. Our new DIY is still going strong after nearly 2 years.

A little Leeds update for you too- we’ve just gotten permission to build diy in the outside space at the former works indoor, now ‘LS TEN’ skatepark. The dudes trust me and the lads to whip up anything we feel necessary, I’m super stoked to start work. We’re gonna have to fundraise the money but I feel witb the right support it’ll be easy considering the amount we’ve done without any support anyway.

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Building more outside.

where abouts is this neddy?

Hit me up in DMs

Check out the Parade online skate shop