The Lazy Twitter Thread

Still musically hit and miss for me but I was way off in my assumption overall. They kinda stoke me now though because of that.

Saw them in a shitey little Glasgow basement years and years ago and there were a couple of actual mods there. Well, Britpop mods with the stupid haircut and the long parkas. It was a good laugh watching them try to get into it.

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<3 Sleaford Mods. They’re solid + have a good sense of humour. Really good live gigs too, I particularly like how they’ll have a couple of support bands, then the whole stage gets cleared for a single mic + wee table for Andrew’s laptop.


Saw that, properly funny.



Fleets seem to be the Twitter version of the Instagram version of TikTok. That’s annoying.

Somehow I started following this guy on twitter and tbh it’s quite a nice change from a constant barrage of shit news. It’s an old dude who grows big vegetables and occasionally gives tips. Wholesome

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Also his website is called and opens with the line, ‘welcome to some big veg’


“Some how…tips” :wink:


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