The Rugby Thread

P.S. Kolisi is an immense human. I love him.



Seems fair enough if he’s up for it, at 22 he could always return to rugby in a few years if it doesn’t work out.

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Oh for FUCKS SAKES. As if the 6N was going to be hard enough already.

I reckon 95%+ of this move is wanting to bang hot American women.

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What I thought … saw Taylor Swift is dating an NLF player and was off, haha.

Ireland looking pretty good.

That’s the end of the tournament then. Over in 30 minutes. Great.


Oh dear England.

No danger whatsoever of them losing.

Let’s hope so!

I fear for the final score here. This is going to be a dry, raw fucking.

Actually I really fear for the Italy game.

This is madness.

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The come back is on.

What a game

My bloody nerves

27 nil down and I’m heartbroken. That was fucking NUTS.

That little break in play just killed the momentum we had.

A stunning game in the end.



FFS. Dumbo rugby.

How was the Scotland late try not a try.