The Rugby Thread

May I present you with….


The anti-grand slam. The shame.

Pretty depressed all in all. Who the fuck is coming through for us. Look at our bench…who the fuck are they?

Might be in the mire for many years here. Back to the 90s shit really.

Welsh Rugby has punched above it’s weight for a good long while and now it’s throwing air punches below it.

Apologies to Italy for calling for them to be thrown out for years and years. They should’ve had 3 wins this year which feels massive. An Italian side that isn’t a punching bag will make the tournament so much better.

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Also congrats Ireland. Not as dominant as expected but it doesn’t really matter how you do it in the end if you get the trophy.

I remember we won it really, really ugly one year and everyone was complaining but at the end it feels good if it’s your team.

Yeah defo one of the least eventful 6 nations unless you’re Italian.

Wales really have taken a step back, but I’m sure it won’t be as long as you think before they get back on form . Every team has that year , just this time it’s wales .

I’m gutted Scotland didn’t do better but they seemed to have plateaued recently, good but just not enough. Just hope it doesn’t go backwards.

This game has absolutely gone off!

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Yeah this is a banger. Shame there’s nothing on it really.

Just classic old rivalry , nice end to the tournament

Vannes (the city my Mrs is from) got promoted to the pro 14 yesterday was quality in town.