The Snooker Thread

To be bumped every worlds.

This first round has been a belter.

Shaun Murphy has just nilled the saddest looking boy ever. It’s breaking my heart.

Neil Robertson almost whitewashed his opponent.

They are up against each other next. I mean… Popcorn.gif or what.

Last night there was the longest frame in history in a last frame decider. It was won with a cock and balls out do or die double. Amazing.

Also Stephen Maguire did the most bonkers comeback ever. His opponent needed one more frame to win. He got passed the winning point and Stephen Maguire required snookers. He laid one that even I could’ve got out of (a straight up and down one cushioner…absolute bread and butter). The cueball slid by.

After getting the four pointer he still needed to get the points. He had a very tricky blue into the corner… shit or bust. If he missed he knew he was out.

He rattled it into the pocket… The blue spat back out, double kissed the white and went in the other pocket.

He won the next two frames and went through. Nuts.

Also, the BBC seem to have replaced Hazel this morning with a lovely young lady.

Lovely stuff all round.

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I fucking love snooker, I just wish I had the time to sit there and watch it all. Epic fomo from your post Les

My baby is 5 weeks old so I get to spend a lot of time indoors guilt free.

The first round goods don’t end there. We have the first amateur to qualify for the world’s. Should be easy… he’s only got to play Ronnie.

Imagine if he turns Ronnie over. It would be like Hereford against Newcastle in the 72 FA Cup. Watch that space.

ay congrats on the baby, dude.

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Judging by Selbys wife I think the word cougar will come up if you just press C on his keyboard. She probably thinks he has a healthy love of big cats.

Ronnie is having an absolute shocker.

My lifetime goal is to be one of those old cunts in the audience just sitting there all day falling i and out of sleep. Looks like absolute heaven!


Insane megadrama in the Ronnie/Cahill match.

Ronnie on the verge of an exit. Ronnie looks resigned to it.

He got gifted a massive opportunity to steal the last frame when Cahill unbelievably missed frame ball (pure and unadulterated adreneline) cleared up the table but then fucked up the clearance of the colours off their spots. I mean…have you ever seen Ronnie not clear up the colours off the spots? he missed the pink off the spot needing pink and black after a poor shot off the blue.

He got away with it briefly but a poor safety left Cahill a gift. he still had an absolute knee knocker of a black into a blind pocket to take the frame. He got his titanium bollocks out and slid it it in like it was nothing.

Cahill the amateur now needs the one of the last two frames to knock the world number one out in the first round.


And out of there.

fuckin spoilers!

I was gonna watch this later

YOU CUNTS!hahah jk


Hiding in the corner of one of my monitors haha.

Sneaky work viewing.

Pro tip - avoid the specific thread about the thing you wish to avoid.

And yeah…just watch it in work. Fuck work.

Holy shit. Stick the Bingham Dott match on.

The session started at 8-1 to Bingham… Bingham is visibly melting and it’s now 9-7.

Edit: It’s gone all the way. 9-9. Snooker madness.

Final frame decider in a semi.

It’s a cliche but higgins is made of pure granite. How did he get here.

Fuck I am ill in bed reading these right now

Get a vpn. There’s been 6 centuries in 13 frames of this final.

Judd has put in some hurricane higgins style blasters en route to his. Some of them have been impossible. I’m talking almost one hand on the cue on delivery down the rail rockets with backspin all the way back up the table. Nuts.

His 135 was one of those absolute masterclasses in snooker precision. It’s like he was putting the cueball down with his hand where he wanted it after every shot.

Higgins long potting has been atrocious but he’s stuck in massive tons of his own.

They just had a game of cat and mouse for the last frame before the mid session interval. They both had gave each other a gift to win the frame but their insane form suddenly deserted them.

Judd… 2 frames free. 4 to play for today and anything could happen. It’s fucking excellent.

This so easily could’ve been a final between two journeymen but this feels like Klitschko v Joshua. Battle of the schools.

The worry for higgins is that judd won the tight tactical one. He needs to pinch those to take the title.

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Here’s that shot I was on about.

The one at 20.36. The one marked shot of the championship…holy shit.

What’s that. Oh… Only another century.

That was even better than his 135. All of the reds were all pushed to the left of the black and they were all covering each other. To get more than 30 was amazing. To nearly clear up was berserk.

Did you see him in the semis against Gilbert? He was playing about as good as me and my top break is about 20. He was absolutely gone. Completely and utterly gone. It was possible he could’ve lost with a session to spare.

He’s still got it in him to take this all the way but he’s definitely wobbling now.

Still though… 3 of his 5 frames have been tons. Never count him out.

Scrap that. Judd is pulling shots out of his arse. That one up the full length of rail at 4/5ths power. Are you fucking kidding me?

The top 5 shots of the championship could all be from him from one session of the final.

Yup. Judd has just gone untouchable all of a sudden.

This is the final of the world champs though. Funny things happen to people when the winning line gets nearer…

If higgins can come back and keep it tight this could be a stone cold classic.