The Snooker Thread

That was just cruel. Call that one a draw.

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Ron being typical Ron today

Which type of typical?

Is he 5-0 up or 5-0 down with a flannel over his face?

Went three down, pulled two back. Two down again

Looks relaxed though- gonna be a bummer if he goes out and ruins TV for the rest of the week again

Ronnie wins LOL

Close. Can’t see him having much trouble in the semis.

This is looking like a classic

I’m turning it on now, sounds too good to miss.

Standard is unreal

Amazing stuff, wow.

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Paging @Les_Zeppelin

Damn didn’t get the page. I was playing poker and drinking on zoom all night.


Wasn’t quite the classic it appeared to be

This is bubbling nicely

Immaculate little potter is Yan.

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Balls of steel under pressure for one so young

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a frame decided by a respotted black before. Both players are playing so well, but Higgins has made a few costly unforced errors amongst an otherwise fabulous performance, and Yan’s been an absolute demon capitalising on them.

As you say Mick, lad’s got absolute cannonballs in his trousers for someone at his first Masters. Been great to watch this week.


Higgins is in trouble here I think, his confidence has gone.

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