The Snooker Thread

Higgins looks like he’s sorted his life out a bit. Maybe stopped drinking?

He’s definitely lost a bit of timber.

A lot of them have sorted themselves out recently it seems.

6 or 7 years ago they were all absolute wastemen besides from Ron, Robertson and Trump.

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The repetitive misspelling of lager in that article is bloody irritating. Lol


Ronnie going well.

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Wow. No home nation in the final of this feels big.

Luca has been on fire this tournament. He had a crazy aggregate on frames in the middle section.

:eyes: :popcorn:

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Mosconi cup is on the telly for any pool fans.

It’s usually a quality watch.

This Selby Robertson game is pretty good so far.

Jesus this looks like the place to be

Trump v Allen on bbc2 now, pretty tense stuff!

Kyren Wilson looks sharp as fuck when he’s amongst it, but he seems so mentally fragile when the going gets tough. Almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory as Bingham started getting into it. I can’t see him ever winning anything major.

This should be good.

Amazing situation here

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That was mad.

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This was basically impossible

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Watched the match, it was a great watch and so gutted Mark lost.
Second match tonight is fucking boring compared, had to turn over.

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