The Snooker Thread

Yeah just do it Jurwell, or just get over it and wear it as is, you don’t have to shave it off, it’s not the rules when you start to go but if you just let your hangups go life becomes easier and you can just have whatever going on up there.
Like BDF said, “own it”

I thought you were thinning anyway hugo?

Nah it’s so thick his barber charges him twice just to get through it

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Fuck off, am I?

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Advice to anyone skinny planning to shave their head, get some weights and put some meat on you first. I looked like I was dying.

I’m too lazy for lifting weights so I just grew it back.

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If you have tattoos and are doing too many weights you’ll look like a neo nazi though which is also a bad look

I was only triggering you, see your reaction :wink:

Cracker with Ron and Ding on ITV4 right now

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Wtf is going on with Robertson channeling Deidre Barlow

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That is truly preposterous.

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Seems to have dyed it ginger. Incredible

Sure it’s not just his actual hair rather than that Mr Humphries thing he normally has going on?


Maybe. So weird after him being blonde for ever.

Ron absolutely merking it again

Fuck off Trump.

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Bit much that. Really interested in seeing what Hendry does. He’s so competitive and tough on himelf that I can’t see him doing this comeback unless he thought he could do reasonably well

A full come back from him would be the stuff of dreams, I’m trying not getting my hopes up but it’s hard! Hopefully he can just hold his own and show some glimpses of his former self.

Don’t see it myself. He’d of done it by now if the form was there

I can’t either, sadly.

I listened to a good pod with him a couple of years back and he said his decline was entirely down to his mentality, he got something very similar to a golfer’s jitters. He could do it all on the practice table but just couldn’t do it on the day in latter stage matches.

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I thought he said his eyes went when he retired. Maybe that was to cover up his yips.

Must be mentally brutal to go from absolutely smashing everyone to just being another player. Not sure what he’s going to get out of playing again but I’m curious.

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He’s brutally hard on himself, ultra competitive. Kinda the opposite of Ronnie in alot of ways, it’s pretty fascinating.

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