The Snooker Thread

It was spicy. Very, very spicy. Hard to watch but hard to look away. A great game too for a best of 5.



Oof! watched this on +1 after Lesโ€™s post last night- had no idea they were exes till I just saw this- must have skim read the last few sentences. I thought it looked a bit frosty!

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I think sheโ€™s currently taking him to court for higher monthly payments for their daughter.

Sounds like heโ€™s a massive prick to her. Asked security to move her to from the practice area in the last worldโ€™s.

How many other sports could this have happened in? I canโ€™t think of any.

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Darts possibly

Not a sport but it happens in Poker tournaments a lot.

Sensational brother-in-law-naming.

Stillโ€ฆsounds good. Do like a bit of pro pool. Havenโ€™t seen that fat Welsh guy come up on my YouTube in ages. Covid I guess.

He was incredibleโ€ฆwhat was his name?

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I think Judd Trump will be up next in the American 9 ball open. On on of the deeper sky sports channels now.

Theyโ€™re both playing like absolute chumps.

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