The Snooker Thread

Usually like to see Ronnie win but Judd is the dead spit of my daughter’s primary school teacher who is a lovely bloke. Also he always looks so bereft when he’s losing. So don’t mind which way this goes. Good match, though.

Aww that missed brown means it’s all over. Judd’s never winning four on the bounce.

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German masters coming up from the 29th. Usually a good tournament, venue and crowd.

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missed this match and just bought a cue, woo!

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Ron pulled out. Knew he was going to do that

pointless snooker comment:

Weirdest thing that has happened in snooker ever?

Has to be Neil Robertson’s perm.

I’m sure I read that was just his hair when it grew out in covid.

My friend used to be mates with this Australian lad that Robertson was sponsoring and we went up to Barnsley to watch them play a qualifier.

Robertson sat with us whilst the lad was playing his qualifier and was just showing us memes on his phone and kept pissing himself laughing.

The ref kept looking over and eventually had to tell him to be quiet. Was pretty funny.

Yeah he’s ginger and curly I think. Dyed it blonde. He looked like Deirdre Barlow with it natural lol.

Don’t think he practices enough or takes it as seriously as he should/could and would probably be a lot better and more consistent if he put the effort in

Ah, fair enough if it’s natural but it doesn’t look it, looked like he came straight from 1983.
His hair has always been a bit weird.

Potts is a pool beast

Been watching more pool recently and discovered that the balls are slightly set up different ha. I am still playing backstreet dodgy 80-90’s pool. “Two shots carry? fuck off, you want me to hold your hand while you cue as well?”

Going to play tonight, not sure i’m ready to take on the new rules quite yet. Ball in hand will be weird to get used to.

we’re going to a decider on ITV4

Edit or not

Hopefully Carter & Ron rematch on Sunday

Ronnie has just been given possibly the biggest arse kicking of his career! 6-0 from Selby.

Great match wirh Higgins and Allen on ITV4. I like Allen, he’s a soldier

Ron V Carter at 1pm for my unemployed fam

Ron V Williams final today. Absolutely love it when these two play each other. Two incredible brains


4 centuries from Ronnie so far. Every year I think maybe his form will start dipping but it doesn’t. Will be watching later on.

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