The Snooker Thread

Have been to a few live snooker matches and not once been able to stay awake.

Snooker is way better on the TV than IRL because the camera angles are way better than what you can see in person.

Also I play against a few people who shoot century’s and so it’s not quite as wow factor.

Basically better on TV.

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I dunno, I don’t think that the scoreline reflects the fact that the match was actually pretty tense at the end. Selby wasn’t awful by the end and if he had pinched that last one to go 4-2 I could easily see one of Ronnie’s meltdowns.

True. I did make the annihilated comment when it was 4-0 and thought to myself I’ve jinxed it here but Selby was shite until then for him.

Last year Selby totally had the mental advantage on Ron- he’d sink any loose long ball that was left and that made Ron lose confidence in his long game. I’m glad to see it go the other way for entertainments sake. As you say a breakdown can come at any time though

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