THE SOUR SOLUTION lll - A video by Gustav Tønnesen

This is going to need it’s own thread.


Will watch later, but I already know this will be 10/10.

I’m going to buy a Sour board right now in honour of how fucked this is.
Which SOS’s stock Sour?

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That was absolutely fucking brilliant.

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fuck me
best video i’ve seen in a long, long time.
didn’t scroll forward once

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no apostrophe for possession


Barney Page cor

hashtag Bros


Really enjoyed it, music was shite. The Barney nose slide is insane.

Didn’t mind the music but a couple of tracks have been used before. But fuck me, the skating was fantastic.

Really enjoyed the whole video and most of the music…never heard that remix of Capleton’s ‘Tour’ and that’s one of my favourite songs so that was sick.

Barney ender was world class, enjoyed Albert Nyberg, Gustav and Simon sections are both gonna have multiple repeat viewings.

Barney and Gustav ftw

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Nollie bs heel.




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Do you read your posts aloud before hitting reply?

Good watch, i was into the chaos of Axel Berggrens part.

that was incredible. Tom Snape is so good. I’ve just re-upped on decks but might need to grab a sour one now…

Barney’s ender, yes but his BS Nollie flip, BS tailslide on the double bank was the trick for me. Nice of Gustav to find Max Palmer a new Canal Fountain spot.


Bump again because this is better than any other company video that I’ve watched this year with the exception of the Limosine video which was also banging.

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Better than Shrimp Blunt? Nah…not even close :smiley:

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Even though it’s only 36 mins, it just kept going and going. I always associate Sour with Barney, Josef Scott Jatta and Tonneson, occasionally the older lads Koffe Hallgren and Spangs as their names always make me chuckle. However, watching this and all these dudes sneaked up who I totally forgot were on Sour, like Vincent Huhta, Albert Nyborg, Nisse Ingmarson, Simon Isakson and Tom Snape, and they all absolutely rip.

They’re a proper, proper crew, you can tell they skate together a lot too - similar spot aesthetics, crew hype, all that kind of thing. Is Tyler Surrey officially on Sour now, or just friends with benefits? Always thought he was one of the early Sk8 Mafia crew - makes sense if a sidestep was made, given their connections over the years.

And by way of appreciateion, I think Barney easily has one of the most effective, calm and powerful pushes and styles in skating in the past decade or so. Seems like he’s been around for a little while, but in fact he’s now 30 something, and still killing it. Great to see how he’s totally rinsed his travel budgets over the years to go to some off-beat locations around the world, all while sticking with the same sponsors since the early days.

Great video.


i think he’s still on sk8mafia but he lives full time in barca