The Travel Thread

Don’t think we’ve got a travel thread yet and it might be useful to have stuff like this all in one place instead of people posting questions in pointless topics!

I’m heading out to San Fran in the summer with a mate for 4/5 days, before heading on to LA and NYC and am in need of some info. I’ve been to NYC before but LA and San Fran are totally new so any advice would be really helpful. Particularly where to stay, what to do, where to eat etc.

Ideally good food/coffee/bar shouts for San Fran? What area is good to stay in? What’s worth doing tourist wise.

Whats good in LA? How’s best to get around as neither of us can drive haha.

NYC – Any nightlife/bar recommendations please.

Thanks in advance,

Haight & Ashby in SF is fun, got FTC, loads of coffee shops if your well hipster, some dope food joints. That massive music shop if buying dead media is your thing and loads of harmless loonies smoking chronic. Can walk into golden gate park here too.

Get the tram/bus and just jump off when you see a spot.

Tenderloin is actually pretty cool, some cool bars there, just a few dodgy G dudes kicking about.

LA - Too many people and traffic, I stay away from there myself.

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Went to SF about 3 months ago for 10 days with baby who had chronic diarrhoea. Can thoroughly not recommend running that angle.

Swan Oyster Depot on Polk was good.

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Trying to plan a week in the Loire Valley for August. Tied between staying near Samur or Chambord at the moment. Anyone got any tips?


Can go into loads of detail if you want, but a few things which spring to mind:

Golden Gate Park is really fun and has loads of random shit including a bison paddock, science museum, art museum, Victorian glass house, botanical garden, outdoor gym, windmills, disc throwing area…

Personally I like to walk a city upon arrival and get a feel for its neighbourhoods and the general scale of the city. My best advice for your first full day is to start at the bottom of San Francisco at the pier, and get breakfast at the Port of San Francisco building, doing some people watching and just admiring the bay. Then turn around from the bay and head up Market St. which goes for miles and miles passing through loads of different areas which leads you through SOMA, Union Square/Civic Center/Tenderloin, Lower Haight, the Castro, and then up to Twin Peaks. The views are pretty cool from up there.

Neighbourhoods: Almost all of them are quite distinct and unique. I like Cow Hollow, Russian Hill, North Beach and Nob Hill areas. It’s less commercial there and has lots of character from street to street. It’s mostly residential but has some fun strips of unique stores, restaurants, etc.

Escape: Take the ferry from the pier across the bay to Sausalito which is a laid-back prosperous suburb on the other side of the bay which has loads of great fish restaurants. From here you can get to Muir Woods and marvel at redwood trees. This is a 2 in 1 tip, but it’s really the best way to see the Golden Gate bridge.

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Nice one thanks @Cereal_Mews

That info is helpful. I’m the same, I like to walk around and get my bearings and just a feel for the place first before diving straight into activities. At the moment I’m trting to work out where to stay, it seems pretty pricey up towards north SF and we’re too old to be staying in hostels so doing the Airbnb route. We might have to head a bit further out to get somewhere a bit cheaper, can you recommend any good neighbourhoods to stay in other than what you’ve already said?

Yeah man, I’m not that fussed about LA really. It’s just we’ve got a friend there so should really stop by for a quick visit given we’re over there.

Tbh, I’m quite keen on doing a studio tour or something ridiculously Hollywood like Harry Potter world or some shit.


Trivago/ is your friend. Unfortunately America doesn’t really do affordable accommodation that isn’t riddled with meth addicts and bed-bugs. It’s basically a choice of that or about ~$200 per night minimum. That’s just the US for you.

The times I’ve spent in SF I’ve stayed right by Embarcadero (which is the lower part of the city but still central) in a couple of hotels which I got deals for on Trivago. Just doing a quick search now and I see most of the results for SF bring you to Union Square area which is really the centre of everything and close to Chinatown, Nob Hill, Financial District, Mid-Market, etc. Embarcadero is down a bit from here, so less central, but I like it as it’s near the water and it’s fun to stroll along the pier in the morning and get breakfast watching the bay. The transport is inferior in every way to London, so there’s no best place to stay in terms of public transport.

If you don’t have Citymapper, I’d recommend installing that for knowledge of the bus routes. If you don’t know your way, getting to places like Haight Ashbury and Golden Gate Park can be tiring due to the hills - especially if you’ve limited time.

I’d avoid Ghiradelli Square/Fisherman’s Wharf. Totally shite and nothing to do.

Short answer: Almost guaranteed that your hotel will be based near Union Square. If you’re going with children I’d probably avoid the Tenderloin which isn’t too far away. In case you didn’t know it’s one of the largest drug/prostitution markets in the US. It’s fine by day (sort of), but at night is pretty gnarly and the real deal in terms of all the stereotypical ghetto stuff you see in the films.

Chinatown is definitely to be experienced though. Don’t be afraid to just wander into the stores and check out all the crazy stuff for sale.

The thing about American cities is there really isn’t too much to do in terms of tangible activities when you compare them with major European cities. However, that’s not to say they’re not enjoyable or interesting. I just find them fascinating to walk around in and shoot photos.

LA: Is enormous. I’m not as qualified to answer this. I know some people have been recently and obviously if Blosrock still posted he could hook you up. I’ve been to LA twice and had some fun experiences. One thing that surprises me still is just how close you are to hiking in mountains/desert. I love hiking and spent a lot of time there hiking around Hollywood and Malibu in the trails which really do have bears and rattlesnakes.

I stayed a few blocks up from Venice beach which I think is probably a good base for doing things, though it really depends on what you want to do. Going everywhere in LA takes fucking forever, so you best be sure you have a plan for where you’re going each day.

If it’s your first time I can’t help but recommend renting a bike or pushing on your board all the way up the beach-front from Santa Monica to Venice to see all the classic spots from the 90s.

When I was there I also rented a bike on the beach and cycled all the way from Venice Beach up to Malibu. Bring some food and drinks with you and some swimming wear.

El Matador beach was really beautiful. As was Zuma beach.

The Getty Center is really interesting and well worth a visit if you’re into art, history, design, etc.

As for food. I just pretty much eat American-Mexican in California. Fish tacos/carnitas are sort of hard to beat…

I’m not going to say don’t go to LA, but if you had more time and wanted to drive and have a little adventure you could do worse than drive up/down to Santa Barbara. The skatepark on the beach there might just be the most perfect skatepark and the town itself has some really gorgeous historical buildings to see. Everything can be seen by foot, and you don’t have the pollution and insanity of LA.

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Mate this is great, thanks for all this info. Definitely going to refer back to it for planning.

Got our accommodation sorted in the end, a really nice looking Airbnb a block away from Golden gate park. Really suprised as it’s much cheaper than pretty much any other I found, was like half the price of any in that area and only available the week we needed it!

It’s funny, my housemate really raved about Fisherman’s wharf, but we’re very different people so might take your word for it!

20 year old info on SF/Bay Area. Get out and visit the Bay Area as much as is possible. Berkeley was rad when I was there in the late 90s. Fisherman’s Wharf is great if you like overpriced tourist shit. Chinatown was surprisingly cheap for food, as was Mission.

Santa Cruz and the general countryside down there was quite spectacular. I thought Santa Barbara was terrible. Unfriendly local skaters, no easily accessible spots without a car, not much else to do.

Yosemite is a 4-5 hr drive from SF, try take it in if you have time and money!

Thinking of heading to Europe somewhere in late August with the lady and our 7 YO. Looking for any recommendations for cities close to the sea, with a decent central skatepark and easy to get about without cars / with bikes. Bordeaux and Lisbon are already on the list - went to Lisbon on a skate trip in 2006 where somebody else drove a minibus for the week, with occasional help from a local skater who showed us about, so my mental map of the city is useless.

It now has a really dope new skatepark right on the beach/at the bottom of State Street, All the locals were super friendly to me.

I myself am heading to Stockholm in a few months. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

<Thinking of heading to Europe somewhere in late August with the lady and our 7 YO. Looking for any recommendations for cities close to the sea, with a decent central skatepark and easy to get about without cars / with bikes. Bordeaux and Lisbon are already on the list - went to Lisbon on a skate trip in 2006 where somebody else drove a minibus for the week, with occasional help from a local skater who showed us about, so my mental map of the city is useless.> Blockquote

Copenhagen was good a few years back with kids (hire one of those bikes with the bucket on the front), Malmo is 45 mins away, and we rented a car to drive to the OG Legoland (which was way cheaper that the Windsor one, and quiet, as the kids all go back to school in late August).
Amsterdam two years ago. Kids loved that one. Canal trips and train to Utrecht in 45 mins to visit the Miffy museum (if your kids are into that sort of thing?)
Venice last year. No traffic, so kids can roam pretty freely (no skatepark though).
That’s all the “by the water” places I can recommend.

Taking my mum to Warsaw for her 60th birthday in May. My sister is coming as well.

Any recommendations? We like good food (preferably local of course), visual arts and are open-minded I suppose. Thank you!

Anybody been to the Faroe Islands?

Anyone got some Copenhagen tips? For a mate, non skate trip

The Meatpacking District has quite a few bars. My favorite was Warpigs, a brewery in an old slaughterhouse. I think they have 40 beers on tap.
Mikkeller is kinda close too, and also has many really good beers on tap.

Christiania obviously, if your mate wants to get hash or weed, or other shit.

The National Gallery of Denmark is rad.

I went to some pretty rad restaurants but can’t remember their names now, I’ll let you know if I remember. They were all in a guide I have but I lent it to a mate.

Tell your mate to rent a bike and explore the city, there’s tons to see and enjoy.

A tip? Go with him. It’s so good.

Tivoli Gardens are great fun. Took my son there last summer and he hasn’t stopped wanting to return. It’s not your average cheesey themepark shit either.
Blue Planet aquarium out near the airport is rad. Rent a bike, take the Metro to Oresund and cycle the rest of the way down Amager strand if it’s dry.
Lego shop in central CPH is a fun detour too.

Get the train to Malmö for a day trip and have some Swedish meatballs. Bout a 40 minute train ride

Get pizza at BÆST, it’s well good. Don’t go to the place my Mrs really wanted to go to where you get a 7 course meal that consists of shit like lumps of celeriac and is virtually inedible (although she loved it and I’m a heathen, so maybe you should).

Pastries. Every morning.

Food tours are good if you like food. Walking tours are good for getting a feel for the place, the free ones are good (then you just pay what you feel).

Probably more but it was a while ago and I can’t remember!