The Travel Thread

Is that the pizza place near the Basketball court/white fractal spot? Seems like it’s owned by two brothers who constantly bicker at each other. So good.

Yeah I think so, ex Noma people I think. It was a while ago though.

Been before but did a hotel, anyone got any Airbnb recommends for 3 grown ass men.

That’s why hyphens are important



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Late to the party, but I think BÆST is one of the best places I’ve ever eaten at.

If anyone is gonna go, don’t just order a pizza, get a tasting menu with a bit of everything. You get pizza too. I love that place.

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Off to Wales on Monday camping in Llanberis for 3 days… anything I should be checking out skating or otherwise within a short drive from there?

I hear there’s a big mountain near there…

Cwellyn Arms is great for food, over in Rhyd Ddu. Might need to book, it gets pretty busy. Pete’s Eats in Llanberis itself used to be great for breakfasts, but I’ve not been for ages.

Not sure about skating, I’ve been MTBing or adventuring whenever I’ve been there.

“I hear there’s a big mountain near there…”

Haha… that’s why I’m there.

Thanks for the info, appreciate it.

Figured it might be! Not much reason to go to Llanberis otherwise really. Have you been up Snowdon before?

Yes, once as a kid and hated it (to young then to appreciate it). I run most days on road and mountains/fells. That’s what I’m doing in Llanberis for three days whilst camping and spending time with my dad who will be hiking.

Ah mint, reckon you’ll love it. Looks like decent weather for it next week too I think? Give me a shout if you want pointers for the best routes, I’ve been up a few times (biking and walking).

Cheers Will! And yeah weather looks good. I finished work today for a week so will hopefully get a skate or two in when I get back home to sunny Lancaster.

Sounds like an awesome week. Hope you get some views off Snowdon.

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Off topic, but whats the scene like in Lancaster these days. Every time im back visiting my parents I look out for signs of skate life - occasionally ill spot some activity at the park as we drive past, but I guess the days of people skating Dalton/Magistrates etc are long gone?

Desolate… No scene as such that i know of in Lancaster at present but i spend half my week living in heysham were there has been a shed load of money invested in regenerating there and morecambe over the past few years (and continue to do) and a fair few spots have popped up. I spend my time skating there or at halton park as it is 5 mins in the car from my house in skerton. Mainly skate on my own due to the time of day im free to go out or with some skaters from carnforth that come through.

Have any of you been to Jersey? How is it?
Thinking about going to Paris and Normandy with my girlfriend and I was wondering if going to Jersey for a day or two was worth it. Ta!

Ah thats a shame. I would have presumed the uni’s would bring in a few skaters each year, even if theres no locals anymore.

Think the last time I skated Lanc park was about 2010. I skated Halton once about 4 years ago too, but again there was no one there. I might bring my board when Im up in August and try to get a roll around at Lancaster.

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Hi everyone, first post here since the death of the Sidewalk Forum (RIP). I was mostly a lurker with the occasional post.

Back in May I spent some time in Lisbon with a bunch of guys from Essex (George Gough, Matt McDowell, Wil Thomson, Jamie Walker, Chilli Hey and Joe Smith). Turns out it’s a really great skate trip destination with a lot of lesser-seen spots and plenty of cheap booze and good food.

I wrote a bit of a summary of the trip to accompany some pictures I took (continuing a tradition I began in 2008). If I’ve done everything right you should be able to click the link below to read on…