The Trouser Thread

Havnt work anything but shorts with elasticated waist since lockdown and it’s felt great. Until I was invited to a mates this weekend for a socially distant birthday bbq and decided to “dress up” and wear shorts with a button instead… lockdowns hit me in ways I didn’t expect.

ASDA own chinos, cheap and stretchy and seem to do the job longer than any jeans or Levi’s chinos I’ve had. Reminds me need to pop down to grab another pair of black ones as I’ve lost a pair in the house somewhere.

Your description of these reminds me of ladies of the 80’s wearing stretch jeans with stirrups. Say it ain’t so.

Next’s skinny chinos aren’t that skinny, and their slims are just as good. I’ve got a pair of skinny in black and a slim in navy, and the only difference as far as I can tell is the skinny have a zip fly and the slim have buttons. Otherwise the fit is so close to identical I would be remiss to say either was better than the other.

It ain’t so @Mush aha, least I hope not as I’m not from the 80s

Howies stretchy chinos for me, I think they call them Chada. Real nice fit for me, nice bit of stretch. Not super cheap but they’re reasonably sustainable and fair trade, and I’m a dirty hippy at heart.

Not tried clothing from Mango. I tried the banana republic chinos for a while but they had this annoying design flaw that the coin pocket was really high up; so whenever you put your hand in the pocket you caught it and it ripped a hole over time.

My go to the last few years has been the regular chino from Arket. £55, It fit slim, the cotton was good quality, the colour lasted. But they’ve discontinued them for some reason. Annoying as I buy most of my clothes from Arket, or Uniqlo.

On Uniqlo, the don’t do a slim fit chino either, they only do a regular fit which is actually quite baggy, a skinny or weird wafty ankle slacks…

Have been wearing Muji and Uniqlo jeans for years, and Muji chinos too. Just solid. Seems like everyone is going in for stretchy materials this year, and I’m not about that. CANNOT/WILL NOT SKATE IN SHORTS.

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I really wanted to like Muji trousers but for some reason they start their waist at 32 but which feels like a 34 so they’re all too big for me

Weird. I wear a 34 and they feel like a 33!?!

My favourite are the Dickies slim fit chinos, not too skinny, not too baggy. I’ve noticed the price has been steadily creeping up, so I usually wait till they are on offer before grabbing a pair.
+1 for Uniqlo, for the price I don’t think their selvedge jeans can be beaten.

I tried grabbing a couple pairs of asos own brand chinos as they were super cheap on sale, both have ripped in the crotch after minimal usage, avoid like the plague.



Shorts but not for skating in.

I got bullied into wearing surf pants, now i don’t think i could skate in anything else.

Well nice.

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How is everyone who skates in shorts not constantly living in fear of their ankles

Never used to concern me too much wearing shorts when skating.
Much more comfortable


I had been pretty much exclusively a Dickies 873 man for years, because, you know, brown dickies help you skate cellar doors etc.

Recently bought a few pairs of Uniqlo relaxed stretchy chinos that are pretty much smart joggers, and it has been a revelation - in a large they are pretty close to surf pant size, with stretch, and don’t look as shit as the photos when cuffed in the blue or beige. Plus they are £15.

Turns out my movement has been massively restricted for years in even fully worn in Dickies and finally being able to fully squat without trouser tightness has genuinely improved my skateboarding. Also the elasticated waistband allows me to fully embrace old age and accommodate the girth.

The pockets on those look like a liability.

Still a big fan of trousers that reach the shoes.