The TV Thread


Don’t think we have one of these on the new forum

Anyone watched the new Twilight Zone? Huge fan of the original ones but have read mixed stuff about the first few episodes, they’re an hour long so unsure whether to commit

Also final Partridge episode was really good, best one of the series






The Jill Dando feature last night was interesting. Seems highly likely the guy who had his initial conviction acquitted was very probably the killer, but the evidence didn’t certifiably hold up after an appeal.

Also, on the true-crime front, the three part Yorkshire Ripper documentary on BBC was really well made. Genuinely appalling how the public and media portrayed women at the time as accountable and deserving of their own deaths.


If any one of you hasn’t watched Line Of Duty (series 5 started last Saturday night) then do yourself a favour and catch up with that. The most compelling storytelling of a crime drama I’ve ever seen, and the cinematography and acting are top notch to boot.


Martin Compston is such a shit actor though. So wooden, uninspiring and you can tell he’s reading from a script. Good script though.


Has anybody watched Wayne?
It’s a YouTube premiere thing.
I accepted a free 30 day account, then cancelled moments later so as not to get charged ongoingly.
It’s quite a fun and bonkers short series.


Can’t decide if I’m more hyped for GoT or Killing Eve s2e02.


Watched Ricky Gervais - After Life over the weekend. Only something like 6 eps. It’s going to have it’s good moments if you like him or not. The guy on heroin (not a spoiler), was maybe the only really interesting idea in the whole thing though.

Each ep doesn’t really need an ‘ending’ (The Office), for a man who feels hard done by (Extras), while spending time visiting a nursing home (Derek), though.


It was alright. I didn’t turn off… but didn’t rate it. The Office will always be the best thing he’s done.

Frankie Boyle had a good joke about him having a go at Trans people for “identifying” as such. - Ricky Gervais “identifies” as a stand up comedian, doesn’t mean he is one.


I actually thought the weakest part of ‘After Life’ was the drug addict. He was weirdly stable and fairly ‘normal’ for somebody addicted to heroin. Also, Ricky’s character smoking heroin wasn’t addressed at all. Happened a couple of times and then forgotten about. Apart from those things though, I really enjoyed the show. The morals hammered home are really strong and that scene with the old lady on the bench is particularly moving.


Chernobyl on Sky is looking like an interesting watch.
Makes it look like the messed up occurance that it was.


Oh shit, will have to re sub for a month when these are out

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