The TV Thread

Yep, I was not particularly a Mark Moore fan but I am now

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I watched the first episode of this last night, nothing groundbreaking about it but a lot of fun all the same.

Watching When They See Us and it’s good but it makes me so mad.


Finished it last night. Is so so good.

I try and take everything based on true events with a pinch of salt but like you said it made me so angry.

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The Virtues.
Barely into it but it has that Shane Meadows darkness and familiarity with real life that is harrowing from the outset.

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I watched the first two and forgot about the third. Felt a bit slow. I really should revisit and finish it.

HBO version side by side comparison to actual footage.

Some work went into the authenticity of this program.

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Agreed, what an amazing show this is!

Also Russia are making their retelling of the disaster made by a state-run TV station, that apparently implicates a CIA spy

Thatcher on BBC2 has been interesting.
The woman who my father speaks of with very low regard.
I was too young to really know what she did but being from Nottinghamshire, only really knew her impact on my immediate neighbourhoods for some years after.
I had an awareness about the Poll Tax era, but again, never fully understood it in my don’t care days
And then of course her handing a war over to John Major.
You know?
The grey one in Spitting Image?

This is currently on bbc iPlayer, haven’t watched it yet but I will find the time to this week.


It’s an amazing watch, recommended. It’s got 100% on rotten tomatoes

Chernobyl was directed by Stakka Bo.

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Anyone care for stranger things? I watched the first series but 2 and 3 look too much of a marketing nostalgia trip to get into. Are they worth it?

First season was really great.
Second was pretty average.
I’m on the last episode of the third season now and I’ve been completely uninterested.

It’s all got a little bit too sci-fi for my liking.

Couple of episodes left of 3.
They’ve certainly got their money’s worth out of that mall set.
And the thurman/hawke offspring is an insanely accurate 50/50 of her parents.

Finished the season tonight. Really crap.

Won’t bother with season 4, if there is one.

It seems to be one of those programs that they will milk forever.

Anyone watched the new Netflix Aziz Ansari show? I guess it depends on if you like his comedy or not, but I thought it was pretty funny.

He also talks briefly about ‘that’ thing that happened, which was good. He makes a good point, and I’ve got a lot of goodwill for Aziz, but I do wish he’d expanded on his thoughts a bit more.

Weirdly filmed by Spike Jonze.

I enjoyed Stranger Things, not because it was particularly good mind. I kinda enjoyed just looking for all the references to 80’s classic films.

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