The TV Thread

Yep, I was not particularly a Mark Moore fan but I am now

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I watched the first episode of this last night, nothing groundbreaking about it but a lot of fun all the same.

Watching When They See Us and it’s good but it makes me so mad.


Finished it last night. Is so so good.

I try and take everything based on true events with a pinch of salt but like you said it made me so angry.

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The Virtues.
Barely into it but it has that Shane Meadows darkness and familiarity with real life that is harrowing from the outset.

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I watched the first two and forgot about the third. Felt a bit slow. I really should revisit and finish it.

HBO version side by side comparison to actual footage.

Some work went into the authenticity of this program.

Agreed, what an amazing show this is!

Also Russia are making their retelling of the disaster made by a state-run TV station, that apparently implicates a CIA spy

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