The TV Thread

Probably the all time worst shortlist chosen in Portrait Artist Of The Year history. There’s been some bullshit calls on it over the years but the latest one was a joke!


Just watched the Loki finale. Really enjoyed it! MCU stuff has been a bit inconsistent post End Game but both series of this have been fantastic!

There is a new season of Fargo starting next week…

Also, in truiged by this:

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I need to watch this as everyone I know who’s watched it is really enjoying it and i had the pleasure of working on it for a few months .

You may recognise this


Could you fire that my way too please?

RoboCop and Terminator 2 somehow ended up being childhood films for me. Probably shouldn’t have been watching either before I was 10 but I think RoboCop had an animated series and that along with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made its way to me.

Fucking love T2 to this day. Ending still gets me every time. :fire::+1:


Terminator 2 is the perfect film as far as I’m concerned.


The Crown.

Too fucking good.

New seasons reviews were terrible…I’ve been hesitant.
If it’s good…I will get stuck in.

I really love it. Only 4 episodes with the final ones dropping next month but I can’t get enough.

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Yeah, I’ve lapped it up, to date.

I’ll get on it tonight.

Just done all 4.
Yeah was good, ghost diana was a bit of an eyebrow raise mind.

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Spolier blurred that for you. And me.

Ah shit.

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Blurred for Crown Spoilers

Ghost Diana blowing smoke up Charlies arse was just amazing. Makes you wonder if Charlie was one of the writers for this season

Rewatching Stranger Things with my daughter. The kids get more annoying as they grow up. Paul Reiser as the Doctor in S2 with the obvious refs to Aliens is pretty fun throughout.


On Amazon today :heart:


Gonna watch this over the weekend. Very hyped!

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Really good doc

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At a horrific works awards thing trying to work out if that’s the green or blue

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Just finished this. Absolutely phenomenal. Bloody love Ronnie!

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