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Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God

Watched this last night, absolutely mental. Americans,cults,a mummified deity. All the good stuff.

Ok so I finally finished Camping.

The last episode is physically hard to watch. Insane. :grimacing:


It’s unbearable but I like it. 4 eps in.

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Kin season 2 is all up on BBC iPlayer :ok_hand:t3:


Just spotted Love / Hate is all up on ITVX. Not sure if I’ve shouted about it on here before but it’s fucking good.
Like a cheap-pills-over-crack version of The Wire if it was set in Dublin rather than Baltimore.

Fucking good Irish cast too. Sheehan, Negga, Gleason. Murphy… + a Young Barry Keoghan in the later series.
Can’t recommend enough.

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I watched it after I saw you mention it on here before (?)
Really enjoyed it, took me a while to get into it, but glad I did. Big fan of Tommy’s story arc

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My god, me and the missus were just looking at each other on the last episode. So close to jumping the shark but just stayed the right side of ridiculous to be fucking funny.

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I think it’s the character arcs that really make it.

I just started it again, couldn’t help it once I saw it was all there…

IM definitely going to re-watch at some point
fran and nidge were excellent too

IM rewatching Mr Robot at the mo as that’s on itv player too

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The ending has stayed with me since I watched it.

“I like stinkies”


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Thanks for the link. I think…
Saw Julia Davis once in town, gave her my attempt at a “I enjoy your comedy, you sicko” smile and she gave me an evil / sly grin back. Which was nice. Plunges coffee

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That guy! his body and the way he moved just creeped the fuck out of me.
Bet he’s a deep thinking method type, incredible character.

Just finished Sally4Ever. Amazing.
Every bit as dark as Camping. Loved it.

…and Boards of Canada tune to close it out. Well good.

My youngest’s godfather is their brother.

Pls send me:

Twoism LP
BOC Maxima cassette
Play By Numbers CD
A Few Old Tunes cassette
Old Tunes Vol. 2 cassette

I know there is a question as to whether a couple of these actually exist, but you got this.

K. Thx. Bye.

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Missing some there

Make sure you ask for Catalog 3, Closes, Acid Memories, Hooper bay.

Honestly though, I don’t think i’m all that bothered by not hearing them, it’s obvious they don’t think they are worth releasing in any way.

Nah I’ve got those already.

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Searches emotions

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If you don’t have it, Twoism’s still pretty easy to get tbf, although obvs not the original 1996(?) version ££££

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I actually do have Twoism already.

My list wasn’t a definite. Was just a few off the top of my head because I don’t actually expect Nav to go get these for me.

Unless he really wants to.
Which I am down for.

@navitronic I’m open to them all. Thanks.