The TV Thread

Yep I enjoy all the 80s references and the music, but the storyline was just a bit too predictable for me.

Missed an 80s trick by not having Tiffany singing in the mall.

Watched “the invention of Boris Johnson” last night on Channel 4. Was interesting to see all of his political history with commentary from his sister and close colleagues at the time.

Also some very interesting behind the scenes footage of his London mayor campaign, and a look at his time reporting for the times/telegraph in Brussels reporting gigantic piles of BS.

A memorable quote from his sister was along the lines of “he always wants to be at the top, but doesn’t know why he wants to be at the top”.

anyone still watching ‘Legion’?

the last episode was fantastic

Second season was too much for my brain to handle, I really enjoyed it and it looked amazing but I genuinely had no idea what was going on by the end of it. Didn’t know S3 was even out so thanks for the heads up, I’ll get on it.

‘Dark’ season 2 on Netflix is brilliant. Can’t get enough of it.

Anybody watched ‘Too Old Too Die Young’ in Amazon? Directed by the same dude who did that ‘Drive’ film. It’s quite slow to get going and some episodes are like 90 minutes long but it’s very good!

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Stranger Things is the greatest for its soundtrack alone. Season two gave birth to the comic duo of Dustin and Steve. Season three should just be called “the weird adventures of Dustin and Steve”

It’s brilliant.

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Memories of working in Non Stop include binge watching, on VHS, The Sopranos.
Since there is not much else on most of the time I’m watching it over again.
It’s still great.
I’ve been watching it this time differently though because now I realise how important T’s mum was while acting as though she has dementia.


Literally just finished watching it all again for the 7th time. Fucking fantastic!

Favourite line…

Tony has split with Carmela and is bragging to Sil about how he’s out drinking every night and sleeping with whoever he wants.

Sil just says “What’s the difference?”

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It’s almost becoming underrated with age when usually the reverse happens, might watch it again just for the hell of it.

Still on season 3, the episode produced by Buscemi.

Chris: “bring some food alright”.
Pauly: “some fuckin’ shoes too”.

I’m up to episode 8, it looks amazing and stylish but sometimes it doesn’t half drag. Enjoyed ep 5, bit of humour in there.

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Yeah it definitely drags a bit. Shot very well though.

Yes! Literally just found out about this the other day when i read Amazon wasn’t bringing it back for a second series. I’d never even seen it appear on my account, I had to specifically search for it before finding it. Not surprised no one saw it. I really rate the director, tho he sometimes strays into style over substance territory.

I’m 5 episodes in tho and its wicked. Uncomfortably slow at times but that just helps with the tension. It’s like True Detective turned down to -11 if that makes sense.

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Hahaha that’s perfect

Re: Sopranos

Favourite Paulie scene of all time:

From one of the episodes I watched last night.
Very funny.

Anybody watched the new Michael Moore film on Netflix?

Pretty crazy comparisons between Trump and Hitler haha. I mean, it’s 100% spot on.

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Yeah, really good. Well worth it, and loads of stuff I had no idea about.

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