The TV Thread

Why and no are the two things that spring to mind.

It had a decent ending after the tailing off of the last few series.

Let it rest in piece and forever go round and round on channel 4.


I know, it’s so weird. I’ll still watch it though, out of curiosity.

It’s Toy Story 4 again. Leave it alone.

God those last few years were terrible weren’t they? Proper after the Lord Mayor’s show.

The final episode was good and it was that. Final.

Can’t mention Frasier without mentioning Daphne’s brothers. Goodness me. Atrocious.

Wonder if he’ll end up doing a Roseanne.

Or Joey. He might be presenting Top Gear in a few years time.

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Gordon Ramsey now doing gameshows?! Now I want to watch some other odd pairings.

Fraiser always has his Sideshow Bob guest spot money to fall back on.

You mean Simpsons right?


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Realised I misread sideshow bob as spongebob, hence why I asked. I’m tired… haha

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