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I think we’re supposed to think she’s being blackmailed by the OCG.

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Anyone here got a Samsung Frame?

Never had one but I remember when I worked Technology at M&S the older led versions were just coming out, the screen was WiFi or had a ribbon cable connecting to a speaker box with the tuner / hdmi / scart gubbins attached, the screen itself was less that a 1cm in thickness.

The contrast to color ratio was pretty good at the time and looked like hung artwork under the right light conditions.

I think the newer version a basically a monitor with a tuning box I think you’ve got to buy a sound bar or separate speakers for them but ai could be wrong about that.

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Cheers, yeah the sound is what I was wondering about. We’re trying to do our living room in a way that isn’t dominated by AV stuff, I’m hoping the sound quality will be good enough without external speakers. Might wait until things open up and see one in person before ordering.

I got a Bravia with the acoustic surface for that reason- it’s plenty loud enough without any externals

LOD was good tonight. Filming is super super budget but that’s forgivable.


Has anyone made it through the Woody Allen doc? Aside from the obviously grim happenings it’s a pretty interesting commentary on Hollywood and the power of celebrity.

Pandemic 2020 doc series is iPlayer is heavy. Definitely worth a watch to see how different people around the globe have gotten through it.

Apologies if somebody had mentioned this one before. Not sure if it’s new or not.

Sorry if this is already covered but I’m doing a series a week of Vikings on Prime and it’s class. Already decided to get an axe for chopping logs. Anyone going on paternity leave in the next few months check it out, wish I’d seen it in January

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Started on Unforgotten last night, enjoyed first episode.

Jumping onto an earlier topic because I haven’t been in this thread for a few weeks, but the hate that Line Of Duty seems to get in here absolutely baffles me, especially towards Martin Compston. Maybe he appears wooden to people because he’s suppressing one of the the thickest Weegie accents I’ve ever heard, I dunno, I’ve just never seen it. I’ve seen him in a fair amount of stuff after actively seeking out his work because of LOD and I’ve always thought he was great in everything.

Anyway, started watching The Night Manager following a recommendation and it’s brilliant. Suppose it goes without saying with Tom Hiddlestone and Hugh Laurie though. Would never have been able to picture Hugh Laurie as a villain but he’s brilliant.


I don’t hate it, Ive watched all of them but for me its the stilted dialogue that takes me out of it because it keeps reminding me its scripted. I think theyve had some incredible actors on there, the actress who plays Kate is awesome, Keeley hawes, Stephen Graham too, its just the script that gets me. Its like they can’t think of another word so just throw Mate or Gaffer in there

It genuinely baffles me that it gets so much love. I really think it’s dreadful.

Just different people liking different shit though I guess :man_shrugging:t2:

Come on now.

It’s shit but good. It’s a classic now.

It’s not shit or dreadful though is it. Mrs Browns Boys is shit (I presume).

It’s gone a bit downhill measured against itself that’s all.

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Nah seriously. I find it laughable.

Last nights was better. I mean the dialogue still isnt how real people actually talk but still

It appears to be all tied up with shit that happened in the early seasons.
I only started this season 4 so I’m like ‘oh k’ to basically it all.

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Ive watched all 5 previous seasons and its not making much more sense to me if that helps.

Its like they expect you to have watched them immediately prior to this one. The guy they interviewed I had to work out where he was from by implication and still dont know how he was linked really

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