Thrasher SOTY 2020 - Mason Silva


Haha is that your doing?

I do not know what you mean :joy:

I feel like it’s a foregone conclusion it’s Mason.

Parts, a cover, the right sponsors etc

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Won’t be him. Not the Thrasher type.

Mason is probably a shoe in but the bar is really high this year. I’d love Tom Knox to get it, and I’m a massive fan of Tiago (who isn’t?) but Mason just seems to fit the profile best. I can’t see them giving it to Miles Silvas but you can’t deny he’s fucking productive.

Who’s Chris Colborne?

Also had to Google him. Some guy on Element.

Personally I’d say that Knox part did it for me.

However, I wouldn’t be bummed if Mason Silva got it.

Mason probably will get it, and deservedly so. Had a hell of a year and pushed himself into those upper echelons of skateboarders. But no doubt that Tom’s section is POTY (lulz) and for me that part alone holds more gravity than winning SOTY could.

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Noooo way! he’s been around for ages and put out one of the best parts this year.

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Mason or Knox seem like the obvious choices. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a euro SOTY, maybe it’s time.

This feels like Knox’s ‘moment’ more than Mason’s. Also Mason is only like 24 right? Not to paint Knox as the old guy but Mason is maybe more likely to be in the running again in the future compared Knox.

Hashtag sports

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In 29 years only five winners have not been American (Rowley, Arto, Appleyard, David González and Milton Martinez)… and four of them were on Flip at the time, crazy. Knox has had the cover, interview and now the part, so he has to be in the running with Mason Silva, I’d say it’s between those two.

That 5 up there were all based and living in America. This would be the first proper non American.
We’d be able to reclaim the Union Jack again.


Would be very stoked on Knox and would say fair enough if Mason took it. But no mention of Alexis Ramirez yet?

Also Brandon Turner as the token old dude who gets nominated.

*Blasts Chariots of Fire up full!

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Mate I didn’t die in two world wars so some bloody yanks could get SOTY.


I’m all for Knox obviously but…


Wait, thats all this year?

Fair play

That’s all the last 6 months :exploding_head: