This needed a thread.


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At first I thought it was gonna be ruined by that camera all over the shop filming style. But it got a lot better. Loved the first one and this seems like more of the same. Sick.

Genuinely had the same worry for the first few minutes but it got way better didn’t it!!!

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Anyone know the music?

Stolen from Slap…

Gonna have a go at the soundtrack from what I know, there’s some familiar sounding stuff from film scores but I’m not sure what they are exactly.

Vincent Touzery 1: Salwa - Thoom
Vincent Touzery 2: Empty White House - Mica Levi (Jackie OST)*
Vincent Touzery 3: Plasick - LILPEPTOMAN (aka Matt King)
Nik Stain 1: ?
Nik Stain 2: Popular - Nada Surf
Hugo 1: Plantasia - Mort Garson
Hugo 2: Surfing Pointers - Further
Hugo 3: ?
Genesis Evans/Kohlton Ervin*: Pharaohs - Tears for Fears
Aaron Loreth 1: ?
Aaron Loreth 2: Candy Pop - Len
Nolan Benfield & Friends: Carondelet - Jesu & Sun Kil Moon
David Clark/Pedro Attenborough: ?
John Francomacaro: His own guitar solo & then an overlayed song
Max Palmer 1: On And Off - Blair (Genesis Evans’ band)
Max Palmer 2: Doot Doot - Freur, it’s from Vanilla Sky
Max Palmer 3:
Cyrus Bennett 1: Day One Homies - Blair
Cyrus Bennett 2: Still In Love With You - Thin Lizzy

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Thanks man. I saw Pedro in it that’s sick, didn’t know he was on them. Used to see him rinse Macba on the daily.

Thanks man. Only had time to watch it once this morning at worky.

Vincent is so dreamy :heart_eyes:

Liked this but preferred the first one. That had more of a fun, friends vibe with Aiden having the first section. With this, a lot of good stuff, but Cyrus’s section was really sick and had a raw energy to it. Needed that earlier.

Is the first one anywhere?

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Face, pan and zoom to trick, back up to face x 30

3 minutes in and it’s winding me up already. Maybe because I’m sly watching at work without sound. I’ll try again later.

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Thanks man.

I have had a mardy over this too many times on here. I have watched a few clips over the couple of weeks that were so badly filmed because of them trying to do this “technique” (ha) that I watched to the end just to get the filmers name. I seriously wanted to message them and tell them to stop it. But that would mean me being more active and probably setting up accounts on whatever to do so. I got over it in a few mins luckily.
Seriously though, if you film, stop doing it! you’re missing the tricks! film your own way and leave that thing to whoever did it first, Strobeck i’m assuming.

I was worried that this vid was gonna be rife, and it was but it was smooth and i don’t think any tricks were missed. So, I guess it’s not the “technique” I have a problem with, it’s that everyone is copying it badly.


Agree completely, Strobeck can marginally get away with it because he can actually control a camera, as an intro to the skater I’d like it, but not on every sngle trick! The filmer spinnign around on rollaways while trying to zoom in on dudes face, it’s like someones dad is filming it, and I’ve got the same issue, I’ve already seen people copying this technique and it looks so shite. I wonder what other filmers think about this trend, surely Josh Stewart is wondering WTF is going on?!

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Don’t worry Baker video incoming Beagle will deliver what we all want.

As long as he doesn’t overexpose. He’s got a bad habit of that.

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I don’t think he will. He’s a fucking Bellend.

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Oh shit. Having a hard time processing that.

Last thing I wanna see is frickin VX…

Mulhern is my favourite filmer this is :ok_hand: