TOTM - May '24 - Anything

I don’t know about you but a big mysterious warm orange ball has appeared in the sky and the perpetual dampness seems to be lifting off the ground.

To celebrate dry weather for the first time in what feels like decades, just do anything you like.


Going to the new plaza at Finsbury Park so will report back with a truck outside the comfort zone

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Perfect blues……

I’ll show myself the door.

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Likely I’ll be at the local indoor later as the weather here isn’t too great. I’ve not self filmed since last September. Just enjoying skating and not stressing over anything TBH :smile:

Will see what I can come up with if I remember :skateboard:

Good idea!

Went skating this morning but didn’t film anything, just slalomed through blind kids at the park.

Will film something later this month.

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Should have fucked them up


End of warming up, still getting used to the Ishods and I go and get a rail to my big toe :woozy_face:

Ironically the big negative about the shoe I mentioned to a mate yesterday - no toe protection :laughing:

Didn’t get the trick I wanted but man Finsbury plaza and the crew there are sick .
Dougies local now and he was killing it along with loads of SB regulars . Great vibes and scooter free , completely.
Great sun trap too



Didn’t get mine either. Used my fresh new complete but felt great to ride straight away.

I just cannot ride away from front blunts. I must’ve tried 30 or 40+. I can hold the slide but I just can’t turn out of it regular or fakie. Got so close so many times but no dice.


Front blunts lol

You’re very advanced :scream:

I was hoping/praying for something like a kickflip and/or heel flip up a little euro :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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My ledge is ankle high :smile:


@Les_Zeppelin literally stand on a blunt at the end of your box and pop out in the direction you would roll away. Do this a few times until it’s muscle memory and try it with a slide

And if you can’t do it after that you really do deserve a Chinese burn

Lovely looking slide marks on that board by the way

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Can you do them on a rail? I have the same problem with ledges.

Yeah (well flatbars anyway). Just flop out and ride away.

I can do front blunt stalls on curbs. I can slide front blunts. Putting the two together seems impossible.

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Haha! Set up looks great btw.

Making a habit of getting an hour at the new park next to my work when I finish early on Wednesdays.


Holy shit that nollie heel is beyond perfect. That park looks sensational too.

As the first one, I can confidently say you are winning so far.

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Both clips are dope!

Get some @Garlicnaan!

Nollie heel was lofty :fire:


What @franc said too :saluting_face: