Traitors (Spoilers Everywhere)

If you’ve opened up this thread and haven’t watched all of The Traitors wtf are you doing?

Go away.

Add in unadulterated spoiler rammed Traitor chat below.


So how it stands tonight as far as I can work out.

Evie gets banished first.

I think in the rules she has to announce she’s a faithul.

There’s now 4 left. They know there is at least one traitor left because Zach was murdered.

Molly would vote for her own death before voting for Harry and already knows it’s Andrew anyway after Ross outed him (cheers mate) on his way out.

So Molly goes Andrew.
Harry obviously now goes for Andrew.
Andrew goes for Harry.

It comes down to Jas who trusts no one.

If he votes Harry, going with his gut that’s a path for Andrew to win.

However, after Ross outed Andrew (again cheers mate), Jas and Molly will both go again for Andrew.

Do they then shake hands?

I can’t see a way to Harry and Andrew making it through but this is The Traitors so fuck knows what mad shit they will pull. They might not even get rid of Evie but it feels like a dead cert they will.

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Glad you did a thread cos I couldn’t get into it

Yep along those lines,

Evie DOA,

Harry will only settle for it all for himself, so will jump at the first chance to bump Andrew.

The only way the Faithful (Jaz hopefully) win is by Harry pushes to hard and Andrew takes Harry with him.

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Oh hang on yes when Evie Goes Harry and Andrew could they both go for either Jas or Molly.

This would mean it wouldn’t even matter how Molly or Jas vote.

That’s IF they both agree to split instead of shaft.

If Evie goes first they can guarantee a win by doing that…

But I doubt they will.

Drama ahoy.

Edit: wait no if Evie goes first and Harry and Andrew both go Jas, Jas and Molly could both go Andrew making it 2-2 and then what happens!

My other thought was if there’s 3 or 4 left and both traitors, that Andrew would make a deal with Harry to be outed so the remaining faithfuls think that’s it, then Harry wins. Assume that’s outside of the rules tho.

Been out skating the last two nights so have literally just now finished the weds and thurs episodes straight after work.

Hyped for the final.

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I’m doing more traitor maths.

So this is the scenario if the andrew and harry make a pact.

So evie goes first.

If we get traitors agreeing to go against jas, molly and jas go for andrew we get to 2-2.

They revote and this time harry goes against andrew. Andrew votes harry but it’s 3-1. Andrew goes.

Now this is where Jas and Molly are fucked and harry gets everything.

If they shake hands here Harry gets the money.

If they vote again jas goes for harry but molly and harry will go for jas.

Harry and molly both say yup I’m faithful. Harry wins.

Because of this Andrew shouldn’t make a pact with Harry because Mollys vote will fuck him.

In fact because of this i can’t see any way he can survive actually. He’s not going to be trusted after the Ross episode.

I’m gonna nick that, Les, so my wife thinks I’ve been following it closely with her. Hope that’s ok.

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That’s supposing so much though. You have to remember I guess that these peoples minds have been scrambled by living through all this night and day for a long time so they may not act vaguely rational!


I’ve ran through this in chatGPT but it’s so juicy I’ll only post it later.

Best TV show on standard terrestrial in years. Slightly behind as I was finishing the Baker has a Deathwish video but just about to lock into the final! Look forward to nerding out in it shortly!

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Utterly fascinating thought process by Mollie.

Why the fuck would Jaz have voted to banish if he was a traitor? He would have just banked it all.

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Her bond was unbreakable.

It made ZERO sense why a traitor would not end the game and she knew it but just physically couldn’t do it.

I did not calculate the fact a person when there are 3 left basically forces the traitor to be flushed out. What’s nuts is it didn’t work. Jaz could do no more.


That’s some of the best telly ever.

Fair fucking play to Harry. I’m super stoked he won. The stress of being a traitor for that length of time must be insane.


FFS Mollie, Harry you lucky bastard.


Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Harry you absolute legend.

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Savage at it is Harry fully deserved that


I’d love to know how they make it. The ins and outs of it. Like if they have camera people in their face all the time?

Or like when they film the armchair to camera pieces. I assume it’s late.

There was one task supposedly done at night (the spotlight one) which must’ve been filmed late because it looked like it was filmed in summer.

As if they went to that, got back, mooched, round tabled, had drinks, tried to find goblets for god knows how long, killed diane and filmed the pieces to camera in one night.

Or was that in a huge hangar made to look outdoors?

Maybe they had a day with no task and did two on one day?

Also the tasks…why make out they’re doing it to a timer when they’re obviously not.

I want to know the sausage is made but I would hate to actually be on it. Small talk with strangers for 2 weeks would be hell.

My snooker would improve a lot though probably.