Trick of the month- June - crook

I’m sure this is an easy one for a lot of you but I always really struggle with it
Slappy variations welcomed.
Sorry it’s half way through the month!


Another trick I can barely do.

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oh snap! i was wondering when we were getting a new trick. thanks buddy

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Cheers mate I’ll send you a fiver in the post as agreed


Can I carry my one from last month ? defo can’t do one this month as I’ve torn my meniscus so will have to wait till the next trick of the month if it’s healed in time .


Flip crook is a rest on your laurels for the rest of the year type of trick


oh no man what happened?

Im defo getting one of these!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh cool, I was working on getting these back before I slowed down. Like every month I probably won’t submit anything though :expressionless:

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Do crooks down massive handrails count?


Go big and go home


I can do the one where you pop fakie and land in switch fs crook is that allowed?


Fakie Switch & Swith Fakies are Oxymorons :sweat_smile:

thanks to leniency

so am I

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You mean the switch nollie fakie Suski?


what genuinely is that trick called? if you do a fakie ollie into what would be a switch crook? or is it one of those weird anomalies in skating that hasn’t got a proper name

I’ll always call it a fakie ollie switch crook or switch front crook and let it be an exception to the rule because it makes the most sense.

We could give it a name to avoid the inevitable discussion/ argument around it. I suggest ‘Groundhog’ because it always sparks exactly the same conversation.


‘Fakie Frontside Crook’.
It goes against the proper way of naming tricks but its what its always been called and it describes it well. It need its own individual name really. Lets change it to Nazoreth grind :slightly_smiling_face:

Cant believe i’m 44 years old, lying in the bath discussing correct skateboard trick names. What have i become :rofl:

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‘Nollie front crook, in a mirror’

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i deffo call those tricks fakie crooks. because its fakie and you do a crook. in the same way that a nollie crook is a nollie crook. this is why fakie five-0 and fakie nosegrind have always been stupid to me, but perhaps we shouldn’t start this discussion again…

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