Trick of the week 10 - LA's Feebles

Here we go then! Get out there and do your best feeble grinds. On anything anywhere! Variations, lines but have to be backside this time xxx


damn this will be a first for me



I hurt my foot yesterday but am on it as soon as I can get back on my board.

only done a couple of these ever (the last being in 2010) so took a few goes to figure out what the fuck i was doing haha, was pretty shocked to land this tbh



Real nice :call_me_hand:t5:

Two for the price of one (well, kinda), with a Lovenskate t-shirt! :hugs:


Can I get an extension on this please Miss? Only chance to skate is Sunday and it’s meant to be thunderstorms!

We could extend these to two weeks.
The more the merrier.

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I was under the impression all these were open ended and you do them when you can. I’m still under the allusion that i’m going to contribute and at one point fancied doing them all in a line but that’s not actually gonna happen ha.

Yeah that’s actually how I see it. Contribute whenever you can but be quick and gnarly and steezy and creative and super cool if you want to set the next one.

Be gentle, I’ve never managed to make one of these move before
Really want to get one on a flatbar but being a complete wuss


What the hell? that quarter… or sixteenth I guess.


the only redeeming feature of it is that the flattop is slidey which is why i wanted to try it on that. otherwise it’s a deathtrap

Ha, it’s so small, it probably makes a lot of tricks harder! Imagine doing a blunt to fakie on that… I quite like short and steep banks for the same reason, a simple kickflip to fakie on them can be challenging and fun!

i actually tried that switch blunt we were talking about on it today. it’s impossible (or improbable). definitely makes a lot of tricks harder, just less scarey. this week has made me realise that feebles are a lot easier than i thought and i should really try to do them properly, thanks @LA

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Switch blunt…? What’s that? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I tried a noseblunt this morning but didn’t commit, was too scared. I need to get over that mental block.


V nice. Also extra points for my second fave T shirt design :slight_smile:

Yes… when I learned them, I then wished somebody had told me sooner that they were pretty easy to do once you learnt he locking in. Just sit back on the back foot and grind away!

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we can argue all day on this. what LA did in the switch ToTW was clearly a switch blunt damnit!