Trick Of The Week 11 - Frontside Smith Grind

I’m sure you all have had the same issue, it’s been wet for weeks now, first chance to get a Skate in today and our DIY was flooded out… Spent hours clearing sludge out and then didn’t have much energy to skate, so I can only apologise for how badly done these are, but I thought after the talk in the Feebles thread I’d set Front Smiths!
I was hoping those of you who were saying they hadn’t ever got em on blocks had some motivation to get em…

Mine isn’t a great example but I’d say Ollie in like it’s a 5.0, then dip the nose down with your toes, then pop that shit out like you’re Donny Barley… (missing from the example) let’s see em!


Somehow I knew this was coming…

The Tonneson effect.
Why do one cleanly when you can do several?

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I didn’t like any of em, so my thought process was “Fuck it, take your pick!” Looking forward to seeing some from everyone though!

Rad stuff mate.

On it sometime soon. :blush:

Lol, I can’t smith. Good shit Andy.

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Nice one! Smiths have always been one of my demons…sometimes I can do 'em like I’ve done them for years and others I can’t seem to hold it up at all. Ramp ones are hardest so I’ll try and give them a go on Friday night.

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Could only ever do them on ramps.
Blocks no, rails no.

And backside, not frontside.

I’ll echo this… and add it to the list of TOTW IOU’s I have. :crossed_fingers:

This is what I wanted to see, some forumers learning them! @neddy you must have em on ramps surely?! You’ve got great FS 5.0s!
I checked and the front truck technically goes below the ledge, does it count? First Smith ever if so


Just about man :wink: Well done, stoked!

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Can’t lock them in. I might try and learn them on the small block at Bally at the weekend. Every time I have tried I just can’t lock it in and they just stick.

They don’t lock that’s why.
You basically point your whole body right down to your front toe, standing slightly off the edge of the ledge, not on top. You are on the ledge for as long as your poise can hold it. The better your core strength the longer you can hold your weight there.
I could never hold them for very long unless it was like a driveway block which means you’re forced to go the correct speed for the trick. On a flat block it’s tempting to go steady and you only do little ones. Faster means longer because you cover more ground in the time your body can hold that position.

i realised today that you need to put your weight more over the block than you expect, like toe side. i found it was the only way to stop the inevitable front truck dip/fall forward. leaning further and further back just makes the front truck come up but leaning toe side allowed me to hold the position a little

If you put weight over the top you’ll do a short grind and then your pack truck will pop off and sometimes that can look rad if you get the technique, it can however eject you onto your shins. If you want to grind longer though you need to lean off the ledge ever so slightly so your truck is grinding against the kingpin not forcing weight on to of it causing it to react which can be wild.

oh interesting. how do you stop it throwing you forward if you’re not leaning the opposite way?

It’s throwing you forward because the kingpin is catching. When you fine tune your lean and your speed you’ll find the spot in the truck that will grind. Go faster and you’ll see. You might get ejected off the front a couple of times but you’ll soon change your entry after that as you won’t want to do that many more times. Speed and point.

This dude is on top, he’ll grind for 6 inches and he’ll do a little ollie out or the truck will eject him and he’ll roll away stoked but he’ll only ever do 6 inches.

This dude is pointing more and leaning back and off slightly, he’ll be going for 4-5 feet or as long as his weight can stay up on that edge.

Bad examples I know, google not throwing up good quick examples.

so you’re saying lean slightly more heelside not toeside?