Trick of the week 14: Tribute Acts

Everyone’s learnt a certain trick just because their favourite skateboarders do them. So, post a clip and say who inspired you to learn it (or post the exact example if there is one).

I figured this one is broad enough to be pretty accessible and it would probably spark some nerding out over certain skaters who have done certain tricks too.

Anyway, I’ve been hyped on long lines lately as a result of rinsing Mark Suciu footage, and I’ve always loved Tom Knox’s marathon runs, so here’s a clip from the other day.


Thats a spot!


This week I will be Gino.

No footage.


Nah, back three a double set please.

I did some good tricks 15 years ago and much like Gino I don’t need to do them again :smiley:

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Trying to find a clip of you in that Celtics Jersey.


I filmed some front feebles yesterday and my mate said they were like Jamie Thomas’ , am I gonna get rinsed for tributing JT? Last forum I remember people hating on JT fanning…

Ohhh had to reread the mission, I thought you meant do a trick like someone who inspired you but now I see you meant do a trick that you learnt because of someone. You don’t have to do it like them, which is great because I can’t do any tricks like any of my favourites

this very self-indulgent clip is from 2008 but the push off kerb was a direct busenitz rip

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Old clip but another example to get the ball rolling, I learned fakie boardslide nollie outs because of this one Dick Rizzo does in ‘Trust’ (it should start playing bang on the trick).

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Rad! Glad to see these TOTW threads back.

I just got back on my board after another injury but I’ll do my best and will contribute.
I think I have a few old clips I could post tonight to get the ball rolling.

Got a lil’ something last night.

One of my favourite tricks. I know @sk8arrog8 thinks these are illegal but they feel reaaaaally good. Saw Carroll do it in Goldfish, learnt it straight away, then Puleo did a nice one at Pier 7 in the FTC video (can’t find it on YouTube) which made me want to do them even more. Quim Cardona started doing it mid ledge which was inspiring but it took me longer to learn it like that. Anthony Correa did a dope one mid ledge in 411 15 too but I can’t find that one on YouTube either.

I really like how basic yet original this trick is, there’s something Gonzesque about the 180 out the hard way. Or maybe I thought that because I couldn’t emulate Gonz’s 180 in the hard way variations from Video Days, hahaha.


Hahaha I don’t think their are 100% illegal. I like them on rails or bigger obstacles but I’m just not a fan of them at the end of lines. They look like a bit of a cop out in that scenario! If they are don’t at the start of a line with speed, maybe like how Vincent Alvarez would do it, then I’m backing it!

Ps. Also backing yours obvs :heart_eyes:

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I don’t think there is anything wrong with 180’s out of 50/50’s at all. Frontside pop shove its out of frontside 50/50 however…
Can’t remember seeing a Frontside shove it out of a backside 50/50 (mid ledge I guess)

OK! I’m cool then, haha.

Tim O’Connor did a front shove out of a backside 5-0 mid ledge at MACBA in a Habitat vid (Inhabitants I think).
My mate can do them, here’s one (first trick):

I’ve tried them and they’re not impossible. I’ll land one for the sake of it.


Yeah that came to mind but can’t think of a 50/50

Here’s another one, it’s old but better than nothing I suppose.

Saw Cromer do that trick, thought it was weird but probably fun to do, forgot about it. One evening months later having post skate beers at Stockwell I saw a French kid learn it on a parking block there. He made it look cool and I learnt it a few days later at home. Never seen anyone do that one apart from Cromer, that kid at Stocky and then Simon Jensen in his Welcome to Krooked clip years later. I’m sure people did it in the old H-Street vids.

Oof the bs 5050 fs shove out mid-ledge is a good one!

Also my mate Myles is a huge fan of the front tail to 5.0 180 out. We filmed a great one recently.

Front tail 5-0 180 out is rather rare and pretty rad for sure.
I’d love to get a backside one some day but I’m not holding out much hope.