Trick of the week 14: Tribute Acts

I used to be able to do this.

Oooo a delicious dream.

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Was trying to learn FS 5.0 BS Shuv the other day a la Tim O’Connor… Legit/illegal…

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Fucking love that trick. Did one at the end of a line, coming out in the middle of a grey granite ledge the other day. I felt well Love Park.

If you’re still trying to learn them, I find it easier if I don’t think about the shove. I always just concentrate on the front 5-0 and it makes me feel more confident about the trick overall, then the shove becomes like a knee jerk reaction. Christ knows if that makes any sense.

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Anyone remember when Ryan Gallant did a BS 180 out of a FS 5 oh, but didn’t flop it out and proper popped out of it?

Man, that is so hard to do legit.

Can’t stop watching - it feels like there’s a frame skip or something. :exploding_head:

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Totally legit and legal. Dope if you ask me.

Try to torque the 5-0 (doing what weirdos would call a frontside Suski, but not going 45 degrees), it’ll help.



That’s the one, mun.

Love that part.

Love that kickflip out of the frontside 50 he does too, it’s angled as if he’s going alley oop in the same way he 180’s and shuvs out. So dope.

Had every intention of taking Front Feebs to Fakie like JT this Sunday, spent a few hours sweeping puddles out at the spot, and then it rained just as I started skating… So here’s a timelapse of the drying process:

Next Sunday I’ll get it!


Sorry for the lack of audio in the YouTube clips, I just filmed them and my girlfriend is still sleeping. :upside_down_face:


I learned 50 rock fakies after that well known footage of Penny in the big blue coat. Also think it was him that made me want to learn fakie pivot to fakie as well so here’s a bit of both


Weird one innit, that blunt to rock fakie stinks, but 5.0 to swift rock fakie can look dope…

nah blunt rock fakies are sick y’all just doing them wrong


Nice one mate.

These feel pretty good, don’t they? The same footage inspired me to learn them too, and I suppose we’re not alone, haha!

Nice one Wayout. I have always wanted to do these but I can’t seem to stand on my 50s well enough.

Thanks! Key to 5.0s is put all your weight on the heel, and only put the heel edge of the truck on the coping. That’s how I do them anyway.

Blunt rock fakies are super fun, you just have to smash them instead of standing in them grom style

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Yeah, I can’t seem to make myself do that.
I like Blunt rocks but i’d prefer straight in if I got the balls to relearn them.