Trick of the week 14: Tribute Acts

Blunt nosesmash to fakie is the one I want to learn.

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Nothing crazy here but I hadn’t tried those since I got back on my board after my latest injury. I need to grind them longer but doing short ones is fun too.


Switch boardslide coming out switch. Looks kinda whatever but always feels good. Inspired by Gonzarelli.


used to have these but they’re so dangerous, any time i’ve tried them in the last few years i’ve eaten shit. one to try and get back

@PiledriverWaltz get picking mate let’s get another one of these going

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Yeah I’ve come close to doing one but they’re pretty dangerous for sure. They scare me.

Would be sweet if people took part in these. :no_mouth:

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Homeboy texted me from Barcelona and told me to pick somebody for him.
And I’m picking you!

yeah been a struggle to get anything done over winter tbf, keen to get back on it !

Ooooh shit. Thanks! Yes I’m happy to set another one. I’ll try and film something tonight

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