Trick Of The Week 19: 'Tis The Season To Be Nollie

It’s taken a week of unrelenting dampness to get one clip. I’ll post more in the coming weeks but for now -

'tis the season to be nollie! Anything nollie goes. Bonus points for self filming. You have until Boxing day


@niallc what you reckoning? Might squeeze a terrible Nollie Big Heel over the hip at Abingdon if I don’t use my shit foot for 3 days, probably get half an hour out of it.

If you film it with a phone sat on a rolling skateboard you get extra points


Fuck dat. Costs nearly £300 to fix the screen on my phone, already paid the price once this year that was enough.

I’ll give 5 internets to anyone who can backside nollie anything over knee height.

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does it count if the knee height is measured from the ground to knee cap when lying down?


or that nollie lip big spin you have been making big claims about


Talk a big game.

I’ve been trying nollies recently, really struggle with popping the nose. Hopefully get one but I won’t be winning any prizes lol.

They’re very odd at first, I remember learning them parallel to a curb to try and get the pop. You can do it, new trick for 2020

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This is rad. Thanks for the Boxing Day deadline. The weather is terrible here right now.


Mate it’s taken a week to film one trick and everything was soaking. I had to run up from miles away. Stupid December


wanted to get something filmed given it was dry so here’s a couple quick nollies from last night. meant to put the first two together but my phone died due to a very talkative copper sneaking over from his undie car and chatting for 15 minutes so sticking the third clip to remind me to film one before boxing day (maybe)

4th clip was 20 minutes of mental torture and my board had just gone in a big puddle but it was worth it all for you franky so enjoy mate xxx


Ooooooh love that nollie backheel (which is apparently a front heel) I should really try that trick some day

Not this week but a recent


absolute banger that !

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That’s ridiculously sick! Interesting that you have to wrist guard your front hand, I always injure my back hand - I have like three spare right wrist guards that have never been worn. Any chance of refilming in the damp misty December-Ness?

Edit - I’ve watched it on loop about twenty times now, that’s so good!

hahaha no comment

(definitely frontside)

I get it, it’s frontside, there’s no argument it’s frontside. It’s just to me it’s backside and I’m totally happy with being the exception

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cheers, that part of the park is perma wet this time of year! puddles at the bottom.
Regarding wrist guards both wrists are fucked but one is usually worse than the other and at the moment its the front one. I took it off a few months ago as it felt ok but then fucked it again within a week.
I guess you fall back a lot if you always hurt your back hand?
My whole left side is bad, perma swellbow (extra bone growth), same on my hip, dislocated that elbow last year, shoulder is kinda fucked from a body check a couple of months ago.