Trick Of The Week 19: 'Tis The Season To Be Nollie

its frontside

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Yeah I think it’s sweeping out a lot that does my rear hand. I stupidly swept out of a lipslide on a damp ledge at Croxley last weekend and crunched my thumb real bad, it’s gone a lovely colour. It’s not my dominant hand at all so I don’t know why I slam on it so much

It totally is frontside (backside)

Ah, Shoebill you’re an old forum head, ha, cool.

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Nollie FS Nose surely winning. Excuse
Not to go out now.

Was that not a front crook?

Of course it was front crooks, you could hear it. Banging move for sure! :heart_eyes:

Awesome clip @tbk11!!! I knew you were gonna do a back d revert when I saw you approaching the quarterpipe with your feet ready for an ollie. Good work! :hugs: :kissing_heart:


Also, current clips take precedent soooo you still gotta get out there and film!

Fuck me :exploding_head:

Man why did I write FS Nose.

I recognize that park… Is that Chesterfield?

Yer it’s Chezzy

Is shoebill moggins


with dance moves like that i think it might be you know


10 in the morning, 2 degrees Celsius, 1 puffa jacket, 1 new stall trick, 1 sketchy flip trick on a big board, 1 homage to Nazo. Enough humidity but good fun!


Yessssssssss. Mate that’s some wet skatepark! Love it

I drove to a few spots and they all were either wet or frozen, haha.
Glad I could kinda skate before we get snow everywhere.

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Rob G had a killer nollie too.

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I’ve never been to a park where people think it’s acceptable to put bags/bikes/scooters/arses on ledges as much as Chesterfield fucking skatepark. Like trying to skate in a shopping centre on a Saturday afternoon lol
Rad nollie Crooks Moggins

The curved ledge at the back is the designated seat, it just makes it more of a treat when its clear enough to use as a manual pad!


Need to get back over there when it’s dry. Sick little park.

Is it less slippy now?