Trick of the week 2: Naan’s 5.0

This weeks trick is a frontside 5.0 grind or any variation of it.
By any means necessary ie any terrain
Doesn’t matter if your scratching the coping, slappying a curb or putting it down el toro.


More important than anything right now, where is that sick loading bay???

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About 3 minutes from my house in Plymouth, I don’t skate it as much as I should. It’s called TR2 (it’s where they build the sets for the theatre royal amongst other things)

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Sick. Maybe next time I’m in Exeter. Will film a 5.0 on Thursday

Wow! That was sick!

Full length. No fucking about there. Top that.

2 hard

Yes man! that was perfect. I guess I have 2 tricks to film this weekend.

Rad clip mate!

Stoked that we’re allowed to do any kind of variation, I’m sure we’re going to see some cool shit again.

I think that’s a really good idea, saves us getting the exact same trick each time, it will keep it exciting.

Yeah and I like how he chose a basic trick that’s accessible to a lot of people. That was smart.

I bet you did that easily, too. Piss take!

That was my plan, if it’s a trick you can do easily still gives you the chance to learn something new with it.

I actually planned to go out a do a crook, but you posted a really good one on your insta yesterday :ok_hand:t3:

Wow so sick. Excited to do a fakie 5.0 fakie tre out.

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I think that may be a little too much of a variation, especially fakie. :wink:

Thanks for the kind words!

I might go for a skate later, I’ll see if I can get a kid to film me for a sec.

Dom Henry steez on that trick btw naan

Getting my Ronnie Calow on with a clip I filmed 2 weeks ago, haha.

I’ll get something new tonight or next week. :kissing_heart:


Goddamn that is sick as fuck.

Thanks love.

Does it look blurry on your computer too? Looked fine on my phone and on my Mac, looks weird online. Oh well.

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