Trick of the Week 20: BLUNTED

was meant to be @shoebill setting but anyway :slight_smile:

lets see some blunts then, preferably on a kerb, mini or a very small bankle, stalled or slid, it’s ALL up to you


@neddy well?

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I’m defo getting involved with this, if the snow buggers off, although I haven’t skated for about 6 months.
Are mini ramps allowed or strictly kerbage?

Oh man not again haha.

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absolutely anything you want to do it on matey ! just edited the post cos it does sound confusing what i’ve put there really aha

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Never done one. Will report back providing it doesn’t snow.

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It’s too cold @niallc


I’ve never done one either. I’ve seen my mate do a back blunt on a kerb so might try that. Not sure it would be feasible for me on my flat round bar. Going to be drier round here for a week or so but very cold!

Nice one bruv!

The weather is gonna be ridiculous here but I’ll see what I can do.

Keen for this.

When my spot dries out a bit…



Snow skate dude lol


Voilà chef.


lol awesome! casual half cab advert at the start too, vans should pay you :slight_smile:

Hahaha, tell them about it! UK 10.5, white soles please. :clown_face:

omg we should totally start a forum campaign and see if we can spam Vans enough that they send franc some shoes. that’d be jokes

Or I could do it through my Insta, à la Reynolds. Hahaha.


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