Trick Of The Week 3: Crooks with Frankie

This week we’re doing crooked grinds.
Any variation, any terrain, we just want regular, backside crooked grinds.
Have fun my friends!



Man that was good. How do you hold them so long? Mine sort of fall out after a bit

Thanks for the kind words gentlemen.

@nazoreth, first you need a good block. This one has a metal edge and is therefore perfect for long crooked grinds.
You have to put all your weight on the block, like when you do a backside 5050, and kinda forget about your back foot. It’s all in your front foot.

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Don’t look straight down when you’re grinding. Look where you want to go, end of the ledge, etc.


See I can do them fairly consistently just not long. I generally am looking right down, I’ll try the look forward thing and see how that goes

Lock in, lean back, ride away clean.


I miss the old tricks tips. Modern ones actually try to be helpful :joy:

That was sick. I liked the pop out :ok_hand:t3:

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Sick Francois!
I feel like this is a good week for me to join🙏 gonna try and get on one later

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Perfectly done! crazy little park too.

managed to the longest crook i’ve ever done! still only about a metre but progress!

Will try to get a better one before the weeks out


Damn. That was a work of art.

Couldn’t do what I wanted to learn, so instead produced this stinker.

It’s never going to win a beauty contest.


Please change your name to Willy Crooks.

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That was cool!

Here we go then… tried not to do a tac on the way out but the grate beat me…


All these new clips are rad as fuck and make me happy!

All sick! I have never got my head around crooks, I can do the odd nose bump grind so that may have to pass as one. I need to get on this, what was it kickflip, 5-0 then this… I was going to ask Smoke to film me sunday but underestimated my workload so couldn’t.

I’d love to see that nose bump grind!

I’m sure Smoke can slappy crooks something for this thread too!