Trick of the Week 7: Clackers’ Slides

Keeping it broad like some of the previous weeks.

Boardlsides, lipslides, tailslides, noseslides… basically whatever slide you want on any obstacle be it rail, ledge, curb etc.

Let’s see what ya got. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Off to France to skate a new park today, I’ll film something if it’s not too packed.

This new park in France was packed and I skated loads and couldn’t be arsed filming and then I hurt my foot so I won’t skate for a minute but I have plenty of ideas for this.


Enjoyed heading to this park in Exeter today, shame I didnt have longer there.



Yes naan :ok_hand:t3:

That was lovely!

I’ve never landed one back tail.
I always bottled getting into them for fear of it sliding quickly and me teeth planting.

Thought I’d add the rare mofugga slide to this collection as Naanski took care of the classy, stylish, sexy, chic, timeless, always sensational BSTS and BSTS shove yesterday.


I learnt them over 20 years ago and that’s never happened to me. I know what you mean though, I’m also scared of super waxed ledges and I kinda get that paranoia when I want to try backlips on ledges.
Get comfortable with locking into them on unwaxed curbs first then start trying them on obstacles where you know this won’t happen. Backtails feel so good, you want them in your life!

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Thanks for the kind words,

This was my biggest fear for b/s tailslides and lips. It took me years to get over the fear of whooshing out after it happened every time I tried it even on sticky ledges.

when I actually learnt them it was on a bank to ledge in a park. I think coming out of a bank caused me to lean back more and meant I was in control of my slide more.

Thinking about it, it’s quite odd but, a trick that essentially puts you into a back tail that I could do was switch back heel to front nose.
Never slid out on those but you do end up in the same position as back tail.
Maybe it feels more controlled than ollieing into that position.

You know what’s really weird (for me at least)? Doing them on ledges on top of banks is really different from doing them on ledges. I imagine it’s the same on miniramps. The way you have to move your hips and shoulders to lock in properly isn’t the same at all. I have to learn them on ramps now.

Clip from last summer in London while we’re at it:


Sorry my bad. I meant a ledge out of a bank as opposed to a ledge on a bank.

But that back tail was lush :ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3:

No worries, I knew what you meant.

Thanks for the kind words!

Just an hour trying to back tail a curb because of you two. Weird ass trick. Still don’t get it but then I don’t like back 5-0s either

Back tails are one of may favourite tricks ever, I never could do them on decent sized ledges and they are never long or good looking but regardless, they are one of the best feeling tricks.
I learnt kickflip backtail slides in the mid ninetees though and without the flip way later which I guess is weird.

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Ha! That’s so cool. These threads make my try shit I normally wouldn’t try too.

You don’t ollie into a backtail on a ledge like you ollie into a back D on transition. Don’t scoop the ollie, pop and then rotate. Hopefully this makes sense and will help you.

They are for sure! Film one! :facepunch:

I was trying to go for a back five-0 and then turn, I think that’s how I learned front rails back in the day. Think I need to lean onto it a lot more because I kept dipping the front foot

It’s a pop and stab, you have to really imagine the motion and perfect it like a dancer would perfect a move, you can’t sloppy a backtail, you just end up not getting in.

Pause a frame of Kenny Anderson doing one and you’ll see the stance you have to pose once you have popped. Pop, stab the tail at the ledge and pose… drop out when the ledge decides for you to.