Trick of The Week - Hugo’s Kickflip

This one is dedicated to Ben Raemers.

Please do a kickflip on flat or any other obstacle as long as it is a regular stance kickflip.

More than 1 push preferable :joy:


Full disclosure - I asked Hugo what he was going to do earlier because I’m off on holiday

Shoulda been in a car park really


I dunno why your one plays on loop.

So that you can watch it over and over and decide if I catch it before it hits the ground :wink::wink:

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Fuck sake I am going on holiday Friday morning, there’s no way I’ll be able to get one of these rinsed out in time

You have three days man!! 60 second kick flip challenge go now go go go

Do it on your carpet, you got an excuse for going slower than me then.

AS IF I have carpets in my apartment

That’s even better!

Make it happen, go in the street. You literally need 6 square feet of flat ground. DO IT MARK.

it’s 10.30pm here, no fucking way. Maybe tomorrow…

Only checked my phone after getting home from the skatepark.

Used my car as a tripod. Would use again.


You live on a flat bank?
That must be ace.


Nope, I live on the road at the top of the hill, there was just no parking outside my place.

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Garlic Naan please can you set a new trick and post it on Friday?

I want something exciting.

Let me get this straight, and I did see the rules discussion so one reply will do so as not to lose the drift of the thread.
I’m saving a single like to apply to my favourite, in this case, kickflip.
That will then count as a vote amongst others for the trick winner of the week?

Rad, just got back from a skate but didn’t film a kick flip. I’ll get one before the end of the week.

Na, whoever sets a trick picks someone for the next one.

I’ve picked Garlic Naan.

He has until Friday to set a new trick of the week.

Sorry, you might have misunderstood, I get the selection process for next trick, just checking the voting process to decide the winner… in a non competitive sense.

yours does not even play hugo