Trick(s) of the Week 8 - 3 Trick Line

Anything anywhere 3 trick line. I know I’ve done one before but Perv was longing it out and I enjoy watching these, makes me want to go skate more.


That place looks great fun.

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Hahaha, I actually filmed a trick to set a new TOTW tonight but you were quicker than me!

Good idea and rad line! Nice one mate.

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Haha sorry Franc!

Taking bets on who does the first line made up of 3 consecutive illegal tricks…


Funnily enough I received a secret cable whilst out skating (unsuccessfully trying to film a one foot i actually liked) for the first time in two weeks

Apologies again for longing it out haha - here’s two 3 tricks to make up for it

don’t like the back d in this one so did it again but also dont like the no comply in this one but ah well ey



This just comes up saying ‘no video with supported format and MIME type found’ for me?

Don’t apologize, your thread is rad!

All good mate, I could watch your clips, which were dope!

Same for me for all the videos in this thread.

Literally none of these videos play for me on my phone.


My sincerest apologies for the nollie 3 shove, the lack of an obstacle and the serious lack of pop/speed.


That nollie back heel was beautiful :ok_hand:t3:

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what phone is it? what browser?

what phone/browser?

iPhone 8. Safari.

The video I uploaded works fine but the others say ‘forbidden’ and don’t play. Are they ‘streamable’ uploads as well? Can’t get them to play on my Mac either…

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Try private browing mode? If it works here then you need to clear cookies/cache

Dope! Nice to see you partaking in one of these.
I saw a curb and a manny pad in this clip! :wink:

Haha still on not figured out the slappy but I do like that manny pad.

@Spanky Just checked this on my phone, can only watch @sk8arrog8’s clip on it. iPhone SE (I think), iOs 12.1.

Same as @franc on my iPhone, but on my work pc they say “video is not supported”