Trick(s) of the Week 8 - 3 Trick Line

Try refreshing your browser a shit loads of times, I just reinserted all the vids, and it’s made all of them work for me

All of them but Neddy’s working for me now!

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I have ideas for this but my mate I usually skate (and film shit) with just left for 10 days.

Not feeling this one as I have no friends to film me.

You’re going to get an absolute shocker if I manage to get out.


You live in London!

It was on my laptop Firefox/OS X.

Currently in France with a rolled ankle. Probably won’t be able to film anything for a fair while

can’t get any of these to play. i click them and literally nothing happens. i’m on windows 10 chrome

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All playing fine on Android.

also no dice on my end. These normally play fine - this batch just not happening. Just like clicking on a static image - nothing even tries to play.

Could it be phone updates making problems? plays fine on my macbook so can’t be apple/safari in general.

I think it’s something to do with Streamable thats making them not work?

Usually i can right click and open but the option that normally comes up that works has gone…

nah I’m looking on my work mac, haven’t tried my phone.

Yer none are working for me.

Edit: looking into this. I have a hunch it’s either:

  • adblockers causing some issue
  • proxy settings for certain browsers
  • js being blocked somewhere

Check dat IPA belly.

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I can’t see your glorious mug! You not using streamable anymore? Linky no worky

Yes, that is a link and it worked when I posted it. :sweat:

How can I make this work @Spanky?

Weird. I can see the other tricks in the thread, just not that one. I’ve cleared browser cache and tried a few other bits. Lemme try a different device

Nope I’ve broken it all. I think it’s something I’ve done, one sec