Tricks that scream 'I'm a good skater'

for some reason I’ve always thought anyone that does a good bs nollie heel will always be a good skater (eg JB Gillet, Daewon). Like if I see someone do a good one I don’t need to see any more footage, I know they’re shit hot. Any other tricks anyone sees that unlocks this status in their heads?

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good backside flips are a good indicator. Proper good ones though.

Simple tricks I reckon like a solid kickflip or front shove I feel if you see someone performing the basics with finesse there probably good.

My logic is if you have a stylish, popped and solid nollie fs flip then you’re a good skateboarder.

Even if you can’t do much else haha

I was going to agree with this but that all stems from an ollie.
Ollie first, then kickflip.
Ollies can define a skaters appeal.
Is it loose and not thought about while looking really nice or is it a robotic copy of others styles to appeal to whoever is likely to see it?
Just because some people can huck a big one over something large, does it make theirs anymore appealing than watching someone just hopping about in a line?

Backside tailslide on tranny.

I little more inconspicuous, but when someone does a casual Nose manualwith a good little bump out.

And those front pivot popped to fakie on transition that Manhead used to do a lot.

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I think I’m starting to realise that I’m not a good skater.


I have a decent kickflip so that’s not a sign at all.
I always feel that when people do bluntslides really well on ledges it elevates them onto a high tier.

i am really good at nose manuals with a nice bump out, don’t think they’re indicative of anything though because you’ve seen my tricks in the trick of the week stuff. some people are just good at certain things and rubbish at literally everything else. plus you don’t have to go fast for manuals

Blunt fakies and pivot fakies.


Tick :wink:

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When you sit on the tail, and lean back, meaning the rest of the board supports you. Or having it primo, wheels facing a wall, and sitting on it like that.

Also being able to flick it up with your foot, catch it on your toes for a second, and fire it up into your hand.

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Same - I’m keeping well out of these threads.

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Back tail
Dipped back smith
Pumping a bowl properly
floaty frontside ollies on transition

Run/chuck/step on/push

When we were younger, we kind of had this theory that if you could drop in to a good frontside grind, you were sick.
I still think there is some truth in that.


All frontside grinds are hard

Rolling in rather than dropping in, bonus points for a tail slap!

Tldr version: Manhead is the best. (Which he is)

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