Tricks You Would Like To See

Partially inspired by the Free magazine article on ADBs/NBDs.

Thought it would be cool to post tricks you always wanted to see, and if someone knows they have been done, they can post a link!

To kick it off, I always wanted to see a nollie bs 180 to 5050 on a handrail, and Yuto did one in this part (should start at 1:35)

I would love to see someone do a switch front shuv to fs nosegrind on a ledge (ideally with a little pop out at the end). Someone must have done this?

switch front shuv to front nosegrind mid ledge or over the top at the end? mid ledge would be sooo hard. something i could imagine Ribeiro or Tiago doing

Definitely need to say who you’d like to see doing the trick.

Lucas Puig has done this.

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With all the pop out, spinny ledge dancing going on these days I wonder if it’s possible to do bs noseslide to bs noseblunt slide on a ledge

BS bigspin BS noseblunt

Hardflip BS sugarcane

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I feel this is something Gallant could do, or has done

Alley-oop backside 180 to switch 50-50 down a hubba or handrail.

Either popped out at the end or mid ledge, I’m not that fussy.
That is my afternoon sorted, will look through Puig parts to find it.

Pop out in the middle. It’s in fully flared.

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Some time time the near future we’ll have seen all the flip/grind/horizontal rotation combos that are worth seeing and people will start having to do THPS style manual combos to keep being original. Or street grabs or backflips or 540s. I’ve seen a few 540s on hips already. Has anyone done a 540 down some stairs? Or a 360 onto a handrail?

I’m sure he had done a more legit one in a part, but found this one of it on his insta.

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It’s not in fully flared, you’ll have to investigate :slight_smile:

what about nollie to frontside hurricane down a rail, don’t really care who. Maybe Cory K.

fs 180 to switch bs smith down rail. Suciu?

Found it in Fully Flared 22.53 (unless technically its a fs crook?) The angle kind of ruins it tbh.

Nyjah has done nollie fs hurricane im pretty sure

Yes and the other way round (BS 180 to sw fs Smith) with a bs revert would be tasty. I bet Suciu could have that on something flat

Youness Amrani did one for an Almost ad too. There must be footage in one of his sections.

Tyson Bowerbank is known for doing these.

Yeah and not the fakie to forwards ones either, actual 540 to fakie