Trump: Making America Great Again

He sure is,and lets hope in can have some influence on the chaos thats going on in this country…

Fuck Trump and fuck politics on a skate forum.


Ok that’s pretty much all there is to it, thread closed.

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Nothing wrong with politics threads.

Fuck Trump. All he’s achieved is alienating his country from the rest of the world, broken their electoral system (which was already fucked), enabled crazies and racists. Economy is fucked, trade relations are strained, he doesn’t understand how tarriffs work. He lies constantly. He lies about not saying things that there is evidence of him saying. He’s a woman hating, minority hating, homophobic piece of shit.

Now he wants to put his tiny, slimy little hands on the NHS so he can sell health insurance to the UK at extortionate rates. We would end up just as economically fucked as they are if we broke a bone or got cancer.

Fuck Trump.


I’m telling you, we’re getting sold to the US, it’s all planned.

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Bomb the US in the name of freedom. Time to take back our American colonies!

Selling off the NHS is a national scandal. To the US even more so. Fuck Trump.


My wife has been refered to a dermatologist because of all the skin on her hands has blistered up. Bloody 3 month waiting list before she can see anyone and she can’t really touch anything without being in pain. The system has already been smashed. I love the nhs and I hope it can be saved somehow.

All part of the plan innit. Fuck it so hard that people hate it, then replace it with something more profitable.

Fuck Trump, fuck the Tories, fuck Brexit.

Ive a lot of mates in the US who say that the States has improved under Trumps leadership,he gets shit cos he says the shit people wont ie previous crap presidents,people need to get off the “sheep” mentality that Trumps an arsehole & look at the facts,he is genuinely on a mission to turn his country around from the shit it was in and i’d be more than happy to have him on our side running this fucked up shit hole country run by weak twats like Theresa May.He gets shot down for being honest (mainly by the Liberal twats)…,lets face it the stuff he says is true if some of you like it or not…too much pc in this modern world with dudes,fuck it…

He’s a racist, sexist, homophobic compulsive liar. He’s a shit businessman too. Fuck Trump.

re the NHS, saw this on Facebook…

When the NHS is sacrificed in the desperate pursuit of a trade deal - ANY trade deal - with America, it won’t happen all at once.
There’ll be no moment of outrage, as the keys are handed over.
No. It’ll happen piece by tiny piece, each one building on the last.
First, we’ll agree to prioritise buying US pharmaceuticals (statins, for example) at an extortionate markup. Now the medication costs the NHS twenty times more than it used to. We can’t afford to continue supplying it to everyone who relies on it. Difficult choices have to be made - cut prescriptions, or introduce charges.
But we haven’t “sold the NHS”, they’ll claim. It’ll barely be noticed. Until it’s your prescription that’s being cut.
Then we’ll roll out the “US-first” purchasing policy to other areas. The cost to equip hospitals increases exponentially. Difficult choices have to be made. Facilities are reduced. Patients wait longer, or find that treatment is now taking place much further away.
But we haven’t “sold the NHS”. There’s no outrage, not yet. People have barely noticed.
This continues, allowing the transfer of public finances into private US pockets, bit by painful bit. The National Insurance system isn’t able to cope. Difficult decisions have to be made. Someone mentions means-testing. Private insurance is encouraged, to take some of the strain.
But we haven’t “sold the NHS”. It’s still ours. But it’s being bled dry.
One day, it’ll be your turn to lean on the NHS. It happens to us all. And THAT’S when you notice: the under-equipped hospitals; the reduced treatments on offer; the “premium chargeable extras” that used to be free; the delays; the slow, deliberate, thick gumming up of the machine until it shudders to a halt. How did it come to this? Wasn’t Brexit supposed to bring extra money to the NHS? What happened?
But no, we haven’t “sold the NHS”.
We’ve killed it.
Remember this when you hear the Tory leadership candidates line up today to promise that the NHS won’t be sold - not on their watch.
That is an alarmingly easy promise to make - but not one that requires a great deal of substance.
There’s a million ways to sell the NHS without “selling the NHS”.
And if you’re not outraged by this, you fucking should be.

Fuck the Tories, fuck Brexit, fuck Trump, fuck Farage and Rees Mogg and fucking Johnson. Fuck May, fuck Cameron for starting this clusterfuck and fuck the so-called opposition for enabling it. Fuck them all.

But really we’re all fucked.


He only makes sense to the people as closed minded as he is, so you just outed yourself as a complete moron. Good job buddy!


Yeah you’re right, people should be able to call all Mexicans rapists and grab any pussy they damn well please. Am I right lads?


What has he actually done that’s good?

Lazyskater I’ll hear you out, what do you mean by ‘PC culture’ firstly, what is it you wanna be able to say and do that you previously couldn’t? And also, what then, has he actually done to make America better than previous? Big paragraph with not a lot but pointless rhetoric but if you can explain yourself then feel free.


See if you can talk about Trump positively without bemoaning the “liberal twats” too. I bet you can’t do it.

By PC, if he actually means that people are taking offence at anything way too easily and worse people are taking offence on others behalf then yeah, I agree. But not sure he does mean that.

Like what though? Anytime someone says this too me they can never find a few legit examples that reflect actual culture or society. Not some weird exception where some bloke or group of teens that wanna be refered to as alien shaggers or something. It’s usually some genuine homophobic or transphobic or outdated racist terms they end chattin and the reason they don’t see it as ignorant is because they’re failing to empathise with any sort of marginal group, anything other than their personal backgrounds etc.

It’s pretty mad how America was rabidly anti Russian during the 80s and now doesn’t seem to give a toss their POTUS is in bed with the shadiest Russians (literally ha ha ha.)

Of course he’ll get another 4 years thats a dead cert because Americans want him in power because they are fed up with the Immigration problem and other countries taking the piss out of them trade wise,incidently Obama fucked up the US very well in his sad arsed term in office they dont want a repeat of that.People here are just used to the twats in power telling them bullshit and they are conditioned to it and when somebody like Trump comes along no bullshit and tells it like it is they take offence.Trump speaks the truth fuck PC the real truth about whats going in his country & the world and the wet Libs dont like it the way he deals with it.Trump admits himself that he’s not a “polished politician” and thank fuck for that as he see’s things differently to the political clones that have been running the west for years,breath of fresh air and the “sheep” dont like it,there as bad as UK politicians…