Trump: Making America Great Again

At least we know who is the dumbest on the forum now


You won’t be so happy when you are rotting in a fucking corner unable to pay for astronomical hospital bills.

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Did Boris meet him last week? Did Trump’s people keep him away from this?

Time to crack down on this violence in London with 3 more deaths overnight ,2 stabbings and a shooting and 2 critical after stabbings,again with Trump here and its time for Sadiq Khan to go;
Sky News:
Donald Trump has branded London mayor Sadiq Khan a “disaster” and a “national disgrace” following two fatal stabbings and a shooting in London in the space of 24 hours.
Mr Trump tweeted on Saturday evening: “LONDON needs a new mayor ASAP. Khan is a disaster - will only get worse!”

The US president later returned to Twitter, writing: “He [Mr Khan] is a national disgrace who is destroying the City of London!”
A spokesman for Mr Khan said the mayor would not “waste his time responding to this sort of tweet” as he is “focusing on supporting London’s communities and over-stretched emergency services”.

Lets face it we didnt get this escalation of serious crime when Boris Johnson was mayor…

He is disgusting - how a politician can retweet a quote with Londonistan in it is beyond me. Racist bigot.

I’d be intrigued to see his answers to this predicament.

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You be trolling, right?

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Never had problems like this before,just sayin as it is,and why are you bringing racisim into this,its a man’s incompetence here thats it,why are you white younger people so obsessed with racisim in this country?.

London has always had problems but these are just getting media attention because they are politically usefull. Sounds like you’re a “sheep” that believes the news at face value. You can’t educate pork.

Freedom of speech Cunty,thats how a democracy works,right?.


Because they are comments with racial undertones and dividing rhetoric. The problems come from cutting money from Public Services, that’s not just policing but everything surrounding supporting the younger generation.

Preach it! yeah you fly your flag. You’ll just look like the racist thicko you see everywhere. This country is embarrassing. And it’s not even your fault you’re like that, it’s conditioning.

Something I don’t get, how people can champion their religion and national pride so strongly at the same time. God made us all equal right? so why are nations better than others?


Im curious to know how Trump would take similar comments every time there is a Mass shooting in America, let alone a death related to gun crime.


Are you serious? What about when Glasgow was the stabbing capital of the UK around ten years ago? Did Donald take any notice of the problems in Glasgow? In fact, did anyone take notice? As others have said, pointing out crime statistics is just a political tool to influence people like Lazyskater.

I think one of the biggest problems in this country at the moment is miseducation. So, not exactly undereducation. What I mean is, a lot of people I speak to that have similar views to Lazyskater are actually generally knowledgeable. For some reason our education system misses out vital information about politics and race etc that would help prevent this division in society. But, obviously, the system wants division.

P.S Here’s a video of my hero Akala talking about the youth violence issue.


Was it not the highest in Europe?

Do you think skateboarding helps create right-wing nut jobs in a way?

That probably sounds crazy as most skaters seem to have a decent head on their shoulders and can smell bullshit a mile away, but hear me out. Skateboarding is (or was) all about participating in something outside mainstream culture. It is partly confrontational - skating private property, telling security guards to fuck off and freaking out the pedestrians - and this is romanticised through skate media. It helps cultivate a sense of self which is focused on your own individual freedom - not obeying the rules and just skating. I would say skateboarders value their own freedom highly (Insuppose who doesn’t?). If there was a political philosophy which kind of overlapped with this it would be libertarianism, one which has made a big comeback with the alt-right and our orange overlord Trump. In addition to this, skateboarders aren’t always the most highly educated (Britain is a bit a bit better, but think about all the pro skaters’ life stories which feature them dropping out of high school). They’re more prone to believing bullshit conspiracies after having done their own independent research (ie. watched some YouTube videos). I’m thinking here of Pat Duffy, but even ostensibly sane people like Brad Cromer have posted about crisis actors before. Is there a significant minority of (probably older, probably American) skaters who go in for this toxic mix of populism and conspiracy? I know this phenomenon is bigger than skateboarding, just wondered if there was some link.

Maybe Trump wants to look at NYC before commenting on London?

In 2018, NYC celebrated its first weekend without a murder or shooting in decades.

Shootings are down two per cent on 2017.

The city recorded 289 murders in 2018, police data shows.

During the same period London had 70 - less than half.

This means that the NYC figures are higher than London.

However, at the beginning of 2018 it was reported that the crimewave in the UK capital was higher than the American city.

FBI data and studies by the University of California, show that since 1800 London has had a murder rate per person of between half and a 20th of New York’s.


Be carefull with your words snurp,theres no need for that,some of you guys need to grow up on here throwing out your ridiculous accusations like that,no no…i’m entitled to my opinion on here weither you PC conditioned youngers like it of not so fuck you & get real…

Fuck you and get real, nice.

I think the issue is that you support someone, who at the end of it all, promotes a very secular, racist ideology.

Plus with your apparent lack of empathy for everyone else’s stand point might lead to an assumption of your character that snurp made.

You are entitled to your opinion and I am actually quite fascinated reading it. Don’t tend to come across many pro Trump, right wing people in my life.


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