UFC / MMA Thread

Went to the UFC Fight Night Saturday at the 02 - fucking mental.

This cartoon sums it up nicely.

Till must cut so much weight to fight welterweight, he looked huge hydrated compared to masvidal. im sure i read he could comfortably fight light heavy weight, but after that KO i wonder if he has the chin to fight bigger more powerful guys.

Till looked very one dimensional again too, no variation in his style again, very upright, only moving head to avoid punches, lacking in footwork. mainly throwing straights behind an unconvincing jab.

i dont know about him, i was all like ‘OOH till is the shit@’ after he lit up cowboy, but im not so sure now. needs to get a few more weapons in his arsenal i think or he may have just been found out by guys like masvidal who has a very good fight IQ and can watch and adapt to what an opponent is doing.

on paper masvidal had no right to win that fight, but read till well and found his weaknesses.

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He’s on such a big cut. He must be walking around at 200lb easy.

He would fight at Middleweight but he’s going to get banged and has no chin for that, especially now. I can’t remember much of the Till fight, just he hit the deck hard and took him a long time to get up.

After the cowboy fight I was so hyped on him, but looked shit against Woodley and loosing to Jorge has done him no favours. Plus Edwards winning as well.

Nathaniel Wood / Arnold Allen are the ones to watch. I hope Arnold gets a good opponent next - he’s on a 5 fight win streak in the UFC, 14-1.

OG street fighter!

Re. Till’s chin; that would undoubtedly be improved by going up to Middleweight. There’s so much evidence that cutting less weight is good for your chin. There’s no way that the brain and the fluid around it gets replenished enough in 24hrs after such severe dehydration to protect it properly. You only have to look at the other guys who’ve gone up from Welterweight to Middleweight in the last few years (Whittaker, Gastelum) to see the improvements. Anthony Smith and Thiago Santos going from average middleweights to contendership at Light Heavyweight as well. Weight cutting is the absolute worst part of the sport but while there’s the perceived advantage of being a bigger guy, it won’t change until a high profile fighter dies as a result of the complications of a big weight cut.

Do you see the video off his cut for the Wonderboy fight, the one where he had to stop because of a family emergency. He was fucking ruined.

Can you really see Till at Middleweight? Adesyana, Romero, Whittaker, Gastelum would ruin him I think.

The problem with Till is his style is very one dimensional. The whole Masvidal fight, he was using the same set up for the left over and over again. Seemingly he didn’t care about getting in the pocket and getting hit by him. Till took a shit load of shots before getting dropped. The Cowboy KO has haunted him now.

If you’ve seen any of Till’s fights from outside the UFC (I had a look in the lead up to the Wonderboy fight; I’d never heard of him before the Cowboy fight), he’s a much more nuanced kickboxer than you’d imagine given his UFC tenure. I think in this fight he just fell in love with his own power after catching Mas flush with his first punch and not respecting Masvidal’a power.bAlso Whittaker and Gastelum were both only just in the top 15 at welterweight but excelled by going up a class. Adesanya is a phenomenal technician with regards to his pinpoint style of kickboxing but is also a small guy for the class. Romero is a force of nature that’d trouble anyone at any weight class so I don’t see him as an argument for not giving it a go.

He may as well try. Matching his next fight at Welterweight will not be easy. Askren is out the window now. He needs to be looking at Robbie Lawler or even Leon Edwards.

i wouldnt fancy tills chances if he decided to stand and bang with robbie lawler. lawler was incredibly unlucky in the askren fight as he clearly wasnt out. weight cutting is the worst part of the sport by far. the new one chanpionship has got it right, no cuts, if you walk round at 175, you fight at 175, hydration tests at weigh ins to make sure you are fully hydrated when weighing in.

its about who is the best fighter at a weight, not who is the best at losing weight. its mma not weight watchers

Then if he stays at Welterweight is only option is to go lower ranked like Edwards. Till is juts another casualty of Dana’s hype train - he just never made the end like Mac did.

Lets never forget this epic Lawler fight.


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The problem with One’s implementation of this is that the hydration tests aren’t disclosed and it’s all done by in-house employees rather than through the athletic commission, so it’s ripe for corruption. That’s before you get into the other things One does or has done that could be counted as corrupt (match fixing with one of the owner’s gym teams, believe it’s Australian Top Team but I’m not sure) and the lack of transparency of their funding (Asian MMA is an absolute hotbed of money laundering by criminal organisations, no single One event has made a profit on an event) it’s just words. It’s absolutely the right idea, though.

Main Card from London is on Fight Pass if any of you guys have it.

firstly this;

then also then also i just seen anthoy smith vs alex gusstafson for june. i like the fight and think it will be decent but for those guys it seems a bit of a lose lose to me. neither gains a great deal by fighting the other, think they are like #2 and #4 both just lost to jon jones. we are never getting smith vs jones 2 same as we not getting gusstafson vs jones 3.

dont get me wrong i like it. i wish more guys would take a chance fighting other top ranked guys. in this case though having both lost to jones i cant see a great deal either gains from taking the chance

Petis Superman Punch off the Cage to KO Wonderboy. First time knocked out in like 100 professional fights (MMA & Kickboxing) pretty crazy. Woodley, Till et al couldn’t finish him but I bit of Petis’ creative wizardry done him over.


im not sure it was off the cage but it was an amazing knock out none the less. 3 defeats on the bounce for wonderboy too, woodley, till and now pettis.

pettis looked good at welterweight too, interesting to see who he gets next in that division.

maybe masvidal vs covington and pettis vs RDA or even askren

Petis will be against Masvidal / Till. They need to keep Till on a hype so they keep the cashcow going. It was a little bit off the cage :wink:

The superman punch thing was way shitter looking than I expected after finding the video. He hardly flew through the air, he just kind of jumped whilst throwing a punch.

Pettis is so rad, really creative fighter.

Showtime Kick

This was a war, shit quality but don’t mind sharing my Fight Pass login with people :slight_smile:

Anybody here do some BJJ, MMA or anything else remotely similar? I got into boxing and Muay Thai when I lived in Bristol, I really need to get back doing again. No excuses, just have been lazy.

Ciaran, I’m about to start MMA classes. I can’t find any Muay Thai specific classes near me :frowning: