UK Skate Parks

Skateboard GB just uploaded this:

Looks really sick.

Got me thinking, and we don’t have a thread for parks (I don’t think), which other newish (post-2010) parks are worth a visit/look good? Can be big or small. Keen to see what stands out amongst all of the new parks that have been built in the last decade or so.


Weobley in Herefordshire is real good fun lots of quick lines and different coping types and always quiet!

Bournbrook diy in Brum which i think the council approved as an official skatepark is another good chiller of a park and the locals are all sound. Think you get a pound knocked off a falafel wrap meal across the road if youre a skater too.

Horsforth in leeds has some bigger tran with a street course containing obstacles youd find in a 1980s vision street wear pro contest so bring your tie dye.

Been loving all the concreate parks stuff.

Heard on the grapevine that theres a bowl being built on the old Windermere park does anyone know much about that? Heres praying for a Bangor style pool


Shameless plugs.

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Harrogate has a nice park, been there a few times when I’ve been away with work

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I’d love to go to that Oxhey plaza in Watford. Looks incredible.

Also Lewes is another one I’ve lusted over. Hopefully make it down one day.

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