UK Skate Parks

You not recommend Creation

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No certainly not and I haven’t been in a decade and it will still be shit.

Looks good

If you like the ramps, the bowl at Creation looks fun. Admittedly I haven’t been in years and I live about 30 mins away.

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Tamworth has a reasonable outdoor concrete park, if the weather’s dry. Not far from Lichfield. I think there’s an undercover DIY there too, but I’ve not skated it.

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Really enjoyed the Rollersnakes park, keep meaning to drive over again, see how my daughter deals with the mini ramp haha. She was fine dropping in on the vault but it’s a bit too big for her to try leaning stuff on.


There’s a decent to passable concrete parks in Lichfield itself, Tamworth, Burton, Walsall (x2)

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Beacon park in Lichfield. Also there is a random mini ramp off Sainte Foy Avenue


ah yeh, forgotten about that. Can’t be too many mini-ramps in the country next to a waitrose! :rofl:

Anyone know of a resource, website etc that has some stats on skatepark usage and numbers of visitors etc, any other positive skateboarding/ community type info? It’s to support various council chats with the aim to get some funding or help make skate parks or spaces happen

I’d get in touch with Chris Lawton at Skateboard GB. He’s their Community Development Officer and knows loads about what to say to councils.

There is the Make Space for Girls resource on skateparks, which I think makes really interesting reading: Make Space for Girls

I’d probably not show it to the council though as the headline is that skateparks tends to be dominated by boys and young men!

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Thanks :+1:

Did this used to be a little wooden mini ramp before?

Yeah, it was good!

Does anyone know where this is? Somewhere in the south

Think it’s Charlton

I initially thought Charlton too, because of the bank to ledge. But Charlton has another bank all the way down one side with 2 ledges set into it.

Still if you haven’t visited Charlton it is well worth a visit, my favourite London skatepark.

The hip looks lovely and mellow too