UK skate video archive

A thread to show love to UK skate videos. Post a favourite!

this gem is from Albion.
Lintell skating down Wood Street, to The Supremes kicking in at St Pauls is just glorious

I LOVED this edit growing up, so sick.

In terms of full length vids, this one takes it for me.

Blueprint ruled.

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If you need to jog your memory this thread pretty much lists most of the UK videos ever made


411vm #1 - London section.

John Rattray - Dying To Live


Now this is my kind of thread :rofl: always loved the UK stuff
Alex Moul - Playing Fields

Scott Palmer - Blueprint Lost & Found (Home turf at 3:23 :grin: )

Paul “The Man” Silvester Sidewalk In Motion

Andy Scott - Baghead Flats. Not sure why Andy came back to Blighty after going to the states with Flip?? Would say he probably has less footage than his old team mate Mr Penny.

Carl Shipman - Sidewalk In Progress. 1st pro I witnessed with my own eyes absolutely powerhouse tore wakey rehab to bits :exploding_head:

Could go on forever finding them but will leave it a that for now.

sick. not seen the Shippo footage before

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I did have an idea for putting all the old Welsh skate vids up online…I will get around to it someday. But for now;

Underexposed 1 (sorry they’re in parts, it was when Youtube didn’t allow for videos over a certain duration)

(I do have 2, but it’s been blocked for copyright. I’ll probably put it up on Vimeo at some point.)

Destroying Bridgend


I do have others I need to get online, that people have sent me and I got captured.

But yeah, that’s me for now.


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So good! Glad I watched it again. Ta!

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posted Pritch’s half nab a few days back
here’s the footage

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@andy_smoke Video-log 5 was good as well had sick John Rattray and Luke Mckirdy sections, RS dont seem to have ripped it yet though.
Been dipping in and out of the scene for the last 20 years but can’t believe I slept on this gem.

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very good MK scene vid brownie made a few years ago - northampton scene vid from the homie ash seck

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This is in my top 5 skate videos of all time, I really think it’s boss!

Day in the city 1


The fact that HTM is 10 years old is totally mind blowing.

This N That is one of my favourite videos of all time. I haven’t seen Just In Time yet either, mostly just because looking for a link to This N That to post here was the first time I found out it existed!

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CMOAC 29:30


ripping, spanky.

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^Yeah, switch flip blunt fakie in the line was awesome.

probably one of the first proper uk videos i seen, always loved the soundtrack too. small tidbit, aaron herrington went live on insta a while back, told him to shout out jerome for his part in that vid and he said something to the effect of “holy shit i didnt think anyone remembered that” then in the background he just says “fuck that was 15 years ago man”.


A few here to muse over
Danny Wainwright 50/50 shop video (not sure which one)

Alex Moul, Rodney Clarke and friends sections Raggy Clothing - Juice
Neil Urwin Reaction - Creation

Scott Palmer - Through The Eyes Of Ruby (1998) from WelcomeToHull on Vimeo.

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