UK skateboarders with US boards

This might be them all, but worth having a separate thread rather than being stuck in a thread about something else. Hopefully there are more to come too.

Mark and Barry Abrook (Zorlac)
Justin Ashby (Iron Cross)
Sam Beckett (Madness)
Bod Boyle (Santa Cruz)
Don Brown (Vision)
Howard ‘H’ Cooke (Unbelievers)
Kyron Davis (Numbers)
Steve Douglas (Schmitt Stix/ New Deal)
Simon Evans (Experience)
Benny Fairfax (Stereo)
Sean Goff (Brand X)
Stu Graham (Creature)
Lucian Hendricks (Dogtown)
Horsey (Send Help)
Simon Levene (Pocket Pistols)
Ben Liversedge (Infamous, ATM, Real)
Harry Lintell (Real)
Mike Manzoori (ATM Click/ Adrenalin)
Curtis McCann (Underworld Element)
Alex Moul (Santa Cruz)
Ben Nordberg (SVRN)
Matt Pritchard (Rookie)
Ben Raemers (Enjoi)
John Rattray (Zero)
Carl Shipman (Stereo/New Deal)
Brian Sumner (Birdhouse)
Olly Todd (Stereo)
Danny Wainwright (Powell)
Danny Webster (G&S)


Neil Danns for Pacer?

Tom Penny (Flip)
Geoff Rowley (Flip)

Sam Beckett for Madness?


Pacer was a UK company.

Yes! Obvious one there. Added.

I still maintain that Ali Cairns never had a birdhouse board.


So no Gary Lee or Davross then? Also, is it a real pro model when you pay for it yourself?

I think you’re right. No mention of it in his Sidewalk interview, and he’d been on for a year by that point.

No, definitely not.

Maybe we need a list of all people that were properly on a US company, rather than distro flow or whatever.

Pro boards that were for sale. No guest boards.

Sorry Fos…joking, just joking :wink:

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Update: Ali Cairns didn’t turn pro for Birdhouse, because it’d have meant staying in the US, which he didn’t want to do. Living in the UK and being pro for Unabomber was a better idea.


Kyron Davis on Numbers


Wasn’t that a one-off, guest board, for Numbers x Soulland? I’ve got the Guy version here.

Had a look back on Numbers IG and seems like he went pro proper

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Thats the Soulland board. Has he had an actual Numbers board with just his name on it?

The Instagram caption is: " The time has finally come…
@kyrondaviss is officially PRO!:fire: All of us couldn’t be more excited about this. Thanks for being you RON! Hope you’re feeling better in the morning!:blue_heart:"

I’d say that means he went pro? No mention of anything to do with Soulland or it being a one off. Think the company didn’t last much longer for there to be many more series where he could’ve potentially had a board.

If one-off boards, as part of an artist collaboration, count then he’s in.